They Say

by Ron Tranmer
(Riverton, UT)

They say, “I’m sorry for your loss”.
They say “Your heart will mend”.
They say you’re in a better place,
and death is not the end.

They say you’re reunited
with loved ones gone before.
They say that you’ll be waiting
when I walk through heavens door.

I feel their love in every word
of comfort they impart,
and know that each is spoken
from deep within the heart.

But all the words of comfort,
though kind, sincere, and true,
can’t take away the emptiness
I’m feeling without you.

Ron Tranmer

Comments for They Say

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Mar 01, 2015
by: Anonymous

my son was riding his bike on the wrong side of the road got hit killed him instantly, The young driver was texting and hit the hill they say there's nothing we can do to her???? like he's trash, has anyone ever got justice for their kid like this

Jul 22, 2014
So true
by: Daniel

Blessed are the mourners for they shall be comforted. How long this takes and by what means is different for everyone. I lost my younger brother only 7 weeks ago. I know and feel he walks beside me and gives me strength to see the light when everything seems so dark and pointless. Not a day will pass he won't be on my mind or I wouldnt give anything to have him by my side. Very true words in your poem, lovely and a great tribute the your beloved. I hope and pray everyone on this site can find some peace, even if only for a brief while

May 24, 2014
Response to Doreen
by: Ron Tranmer

Thank you for your response to my poem, "They Say".
Of course the greatest comfort can only come from our God, and our Savior, but I feel the words of friendship and love which we can offer to one another as we grieve, can also help in the healing process. They won't take away the pain, but in my experience I have had kind and caring words from family and friends be very comforting. Even the words you reference from God; Words of hope, and knowledge of everlasting life through Christ, and words I truly believe, will not take away completely the pain we experience in the loss of a loved one. We will feel a void and miss them until we see them again. However, the pain would be "unbearable" without the knowledge a hereafter.

I hope my poem doesn't imply that words of love from others at a time of loss are worthless. Though they won't heal, they help.

1 - Wherefore comfort yourselves together, and edify one another, even as also ye do.

- Bear ye one another's burdens, and so fulfill the law of Christ



May 24, 2014
They say
by: Doreen UK

Thank you for these poignant words. But this is all they are that even we use on this site to comfort one another and whilst true and meant deeply. Words can't adequately express what EMPTINESS, and LONELINESS are. CRUSHING is the nearest definition.
They are felt deep within our soul that only God can reach and Heal. This is undoubtly the worst PAIN EVER. Whatever "They say".

"God says"I will comfort You"
"I will Heal you! I am your Healer."
"I will come back again for you to
receive you unto myself that where I
am there you may be also."
"Comfort one another with these words."
"I am the Creator"
"I gave life! I take it back"
"I will destroy DEATH forever"

These are a few of the promises God gives. Let us comfort one another with these words.

May 23, 2014
they say
by: christine

God Bless you Ron, your words are what I think and feel everyday. They are so true. Thank-you. I lost my 38 year old son 18 months ago. I am assured though that one day our paths will meet. In the mean time the journey is a rough one. God will give us all strength to keep going. He is our hope; our comfort; and the light that shines on us. God Bless you.

May 23, 2014
To Ron
by: Maryann

Dear Ron,

Thank you for your post. Your words are spot on and exactly how I feel. God bless you!

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