They Tell Me It's Not Supposed to Happen

by Chris Gaston
(Windsor, CA)

When he found you dead,
You were only 22,
Our baby boy is gone.
It's not supposed to happen.

Two months later,
When they found you dead,
You were only 24,
Our son, the Marine is gone.
It's not supposed to happen.

Eight months later,
When I found you dead,
28 years together,
My husband is gone.
It's not supposed to happen.

They were all taken away as part of God's plan,
Please tell me why, because I don't understand.

It's their voices I want to hear,
And one more hug, just to feel them near.

Will the pain in my heart ever go away?
Why didn't God take me and let them stay?

Will I ever run out of tears?
Where do I even go from here?

People tell me I'm so strong, I think it might be a lie,
If they only knew, I hide so people don't see me cry.

Because you see,
It's not supposed to happen.

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Mar 08, 2012
still going on

hello dear, it is too unbearable. philosophically "it is good whatever is going on'but god made us human being and he himself gave us all feelings.then how we can spare from all?i also lost my only young son of 26 yrs old. still i feel that i am cheated by the almighty god. first he gave me everything, happy family, young bright doctor army officer son but when the time came to enjoy my life ,the god suddenly took away my only son without giving any reason. this should not be happen to any one. this is not fair.i dont know how and why i am living and life is going on?

Mar 01, 2012
by: momma anne

how much can one person be put through? my heart aches for you, I can not imagine the pain of losing 3 family members. I lost my almost 3 year old grandson on Jan 9 this year and the pain I feel is unbearable. they say god will not give you more than you can handle but, I wonder at times how strong he thinks we are? I too put on a smile for all to see but, what they don't know is behind that smile is a frown and a very broken heart. I will keep you my thoughts and prayers, hugs and much love, ann

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