Thinking of you - My Poochie cat

by Sandy

On 21st March 2012 you left me for the Rainbow bridge . But not a single day passes without me thinking of you . Such was our relation . I cannot express how much I miss you. You were really a cute kitty who lived your life (though very short-about an year) according to your terms.
Hope you are in playing in Rainbow Bridge with lots of friends and free from pain now.

It is really true that our pets become an inseparable part of our lives and on their passing away our hearts are broken . Our loss is rarely understood by majority fellow beings as they feel it too funny to cry for a lost pet. Thanks to this site which allow us to grieve in a dignified manner and also to share our grief with like minded people who understands our feelings.RIP my Poochie girl

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Mar 22, 2014
Thanks to Doreen and Nadine
by: Sandy

Thanks for your kind and consoling words .My heartfelt condolence to both of you on losing your pets . Life becomes a void after they move out from our lives but has to go on. My child rescued a kitten from the street and now the kitten is a proud mom of 3 kitties . Watching their pranks provides me immense happiness. But the memories of Poochie cat lingers on and on . She was unique in every way. I do agree that pets are more caring that most people. They do understand our moods and emotions and provide us comfort in every possible manner

Mar 22, 2014
Thinking of you - My Poochie cat
by: Doreen UK

Sandie I am sorry for your loss of your poochie cat. I can be reduced to tears more over the loss of a pet than some people. The loss is very different. A bond established with our pets is so endearing it brings a smile to our faces. When life is difficult and people are mean it is our pets who are our comforters and save the day. They ask nothing but deliver everything we need. I never thought I would say this, because I didn't like pets and couldn't understand those who did. Till one day my daughter walked in with 2 cockatiels through her brother. My husband was against this as he also did not like pets. Those 2 birds eventually became 11. As I lost each one my heart broke into pieces. I had one die in my hands as I cupped him and told him how much I loved him. I eventually ended up with 7 when I gave them to a bird rescue service so that these birds would have a better space to fly in and it was for their well being that I let them go. It wasn't easy. IT HURT. But my husband at that time was slowly dying of terminal cancer. I think of my birds often and of those happy memories I wouldn't trade the world for. This would have been a pleasure I would have been denied had my daughter not brought these birds into my life. I have developed a deep love for most pets (except snakes). God Bless all those people who love pets and take them into their hearts and care for them.

Mar 22, 2014
My Poochie cat
by: Nadine

Sandy, I am so sorry your cat, Poochie, died. I cried a lot when i lost my first cat, Ashley, about 10 months ago. She was 3 years old and an outside cat. One day she didn't come home. After a few days had passed with no sight of her i realized something bad must have happened to her because she always came home. I was surprised how upset i got over her, even crying at work once, but i was so stessed. Thankfully the customer seemed very understanding. She was my baby girl and i loved her so. We lost 2 other cats last year also but i seemed to handle their deaths better. But you are not alone in your grief for your cat. They become a part of the family and we grieve for them like we would anyone else. I wish you well. Nadine

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