Three days.

by Savannah

Hi, my name Savannah. My Dad died on December 5 2012, of a very nasty bacteria. My dad was diagnosed with the flu on December 1, and we all thought he would be fine, but on Sunday, we had to call an ambulance, and three days later he passed away. I want to be angry at someone, but I can't. I wish that the doctors had actually tested him for the flu, because if they had, then maybe we could have figured out earlier that my dad had an immunity problem, and then maybe the doctors could have killed the Bacteria before it got to him. The Doctors say that this germ is horrible, and that it almost always kills its host. They said that it kills the host almost immediately. They told us that if it could find a host that it could live on, and not just kill it (The host, I mean) and multiply on for just 20 days, then the weight of it after all its multiplying would be enough to literally tip the earth. But, so far the thing has't been able to last in a host for longer than a week at most (And even that is a rare time for the host to live). My dad was a firefighter, a paramedic, and he used to be in the army (He was in the Rangers and Navy too) He was an amazing person, and I don't think he should have died yet, no matter what God thinks. I don't think its fair because I'm only 14. I want to be a doctor (Pediatrician to be specific) Because my Dad was in the medical field. I don't know how I'm going to do that without his help though. I've been learning about medicine since I was just a baby, and he's been my teacher. I don't know what I'm going to do now. I was always so happy when my Dad would get that proud look on his face when he would talk about me. I know I sound just-I don't arrogant I guess, arrogant, and rude. But, its not like that. I wasn't happy because my dad was boasting about me. I was happy because my Dad was proud of me. I was happy I was making him proud. It's not fair. type his name in a google search and you'll agree with me. I would tell you his name, but I'm too paranoid :P My dad taught me to be that way.

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Dec 14, 2012
I lost my Mom
by: rose mary


I lost my Mom in September because the nurses in her nursing home misdiagnosed her. She was having a stroke and they didn't recognize it as a stroke. They didn't call 911. The hospital was onnly 3 minutes away. She could have survived if they had called 911.
So I understand your loss and sadness and anger with the medical profession. They can fail you at the most important moment.

My thoughts are with you

Dec 12, 2012
Three Days.
by: Doreen U.K.

Savannah I am sorry for your loss of your Dad suddenly of a bacterial flu disease. You are so very young to have had to endure this loss.
In 2005 my husband lost the feeling in his legs. He could not walk. Prior to this he had flu like symptoms where he could not stand anything touching his body. He then slept all the time and the doctors here in England failed him. He was fortunate I looked on the internet which said. Any weakness in the legs is serious and should be seen by a doctor immediately. My husband got to a hospital and it was found that the Herpes Simplex Virus entered his Brain and caused him to have a serious disease called ENCEPHALITIS. My husband had ADEM. Acute disseminated encephomylitis. The virus attacked his spinal cord. Many people go into a coma for up to 6 weeks and are then left with serious disability. Some die if the disease attacks the Brain stem. My husband received Prayer and he recovered but suffered with short term memory from this Brain Injury. 4 years later he had another deadly disease 2009. MESOTHELIOMA caused by working with ASBESTOS. Incurable, inoperable rare aggressive cancer. My husband died 7 months ago after a 3 yr. battle where he had a slow painful death. We are FRACTURED forever by our loss. The type of death and how the person suffered and died will affect our grief. Which is why some people benefit from seeing a grief counsellor when the grief becomes so unbearable they can't cope anymore. Savannah I hope that you will get the support and comfort you need and that you won't just put up with how you feel. Talk to someone. don't keep your pain to yourself. Talking helps. So does keeping a journal and writing out your feelings and you could write letters to your father in this journal. It will help your grief. You are too young to cope with this grief all by yourself.

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