by Connor Brooks

Tiddles was a Burmese cat; a lovely light brown colour and was 20years old when she died. I always remember how she would always be loving and caring no matter who you were or if she had just met you. She always liked to be up on your shoulder whenever she could.

Wherever you were you knew that she wouldn't be to far away. She always wanted cuddles and kisses and I remember whenever I was crying or upset she would always be around to make everything better.

My mum always tells me stories of when I was a baby and how she never uses to sleep in my bed (mainly because of the crying probably). But when I got bigger and had less crying and tantrums she began to work her way up my bed. However just before she passed always when going to sleep she wanted to be under the cover pressed right up against your body.

But on 17th to 18th of November she got an eye infection and lost her eye. We could see she was in pain so we decided to have her put down because she was constantly ill. But we kept loving her and she kept fighting for us and we could see that she was masking other problems.
So on the 20th November 3o'clock she was put to sleep.

And now we can't stop missing her but she had a good 20years and my Granddad first brought her as an anniversary present.

We will all remember her for the loving and affectionate cat she was!
R.I.P Tiddles
We will miss you

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