Tigg, my best friend 13 year old maine coon mix cat

by Julie

Hi, my name is Julie. It has been a little over 1 year since we had to make the decision to let my best friend Tigg of 13 years go to heaven. If there is ONE thing I know, is that I would not want to be in pain, but on the other hand I still find it extremely painful to let him go. In many ways, I haven't let him go, I planted a tree in his memory last summer. It actually is pretty cool. It is a dwarf weeping larch which looks like a puffy cats tail. I know Tigg would want me to be happy, but still 13 years is a long time, lots of memories. If I can help anyone dealing with pet loss, I would say, talk to a friend. Talking is good. When you are at work, just tell yourself, hold it together, count the hours if you have to, then call your friend, or talk out loud to your pet on the way home. It doesn't matter what people at work think of you, they didn't have that close relationship with your pet. My boss at the time thought I was crazy, so I was just quiet, did my job, went home, spent time with my family, went back to work and told myself "I can do it!"
Tigger was there when we brought our child home. He paced back and forth when she was sick. He was my nurse cat. He had such expressive eyes. He had a tiny meow. A gentle giant. A big purr, and a heart of gold, I know my loved ones in heaven are keeping an eye on him running around chattering at birds in heaven, and one day I know we all will be reunited. But until then, I have to have faith that he is sill looking down on me, and will never let me go either. Such a special bond. No words can really honor him. Thanks for listening.

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Apr 19, 2012
by: Anonymous

i lost my lucky on 4-14 2012 he past away i cried and cried i coudent eat coudent sleep i was a reck then i read on line the best memorial tribute to lucky would be to give a life to a cat that never woud have one i now have a main coon who has the spiten image of lucky s face he is 1 1/2 years old and i watch him do all the things that lucky did as he was growing up i truly believe lucky guided him to me i look forward to are years together he will never replace lucky my bud for 14 years but his love his pereeeeeer!! has made it so much easier to cope I IMPLORE YOU GO TO YOUR SHELTER IF YOURS JUST PAST GIVE THAT KITTEN A CHANCE AT LIFE AND THE DAY HE STEPS INTO YOUR HOUSE AND YOU FEEL THAT WARM NUZZLE :o)THE HEALING BEGINS !! IT HAS FOR ME.... CAN YOU TELL ME A BETTER WAY TO PAY TRIBUTE TO YOUR BEST FRIEND???

Jul 18, 2011
Tigg,my 13yr old maine coon mix cat best friend
by: Julie, Michigan

Today is my birthday. My husband took me out of town we like to look at antiques, which we haven't done in ages. I was having a great time all day, then late in the day, before the store was going to close, I saw it. It was the most gorgeous antique painting of a little girl and two brown white tabby cats that resembled Tigger. Boy. It has been a year and 1/2 since I had to let Tigger go. And, yes, I was having such a good time today I had not thought of him, and yes, as soon as I saw that painting I got a huge smile on my face of remembering him, then a huge rush of panic. Panic of, I miss him so much, panic of, I'm going to break out in tears, panic of, oh no, I didn't think of him today. I quickly found my husband and told him I was heading out to the car and didn't want any of the items I had set aside to buy. I just wanted my Tigger back. I hope there really is a heaven and Tigger knows how much I miss him and love him.

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