Till Death Do Us Part

by M Mack

Death has certainly done its job here in "doing us part.". We were soulmates, one of a kind people who loved one another no matter what. We shared the same sentiments, were good to others and appreciated what we had. We didn't need much. Our dreams kept us alive and hopeful. Even I am amazed we were truly in love for so long. It just kept growing over the years with respect and consideration for each other. Not many were as fortunate to have what we did. That kind of love is special and we had what most never will.

The question of joining my love in eternity is always there. Will he wait for me? Will he decide to reincarnate? If so does that mean we will never be together in eternity as planned? I can't stand the thought of us never being together and thinking that our last kiss was final.

It's now 14 months since he passed and I know I have many stages of this grief to complete before my memories are smiles with a sigh. I miss his laugh and heart and everything about him. It doesn't get easier, and I am sliding back slowly ever day. I'm sad and nothing can fill my heart like he did.

This struggle we are all going through can be unbearable. I know it has many ups and downs but the down part seems to be more often lately. As I read all of your messages, I realize that we can relate to loosing and hopelessness as many on this site experience everyday. All I can do is wait and see. I know Raymond will wait patiently until I am called home and we can be together in eternity. I just pray eternity is for real for all of us and our loves will be waiting with open arms.

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Nov 08, 2011
"Till Death"
by: julie

Today is actually our 43rd wedding anniversary and the very first one that I face alone. I was thinking this morning that I had no idea what the words "till death due us part" mean.

It means that the lonely feelings rule your life, that the pain of separation is unbearable and that when he departed that my life was gone too.

I understand your feelings and will pray that somehow we will all get through this most painful journey of our lives. That God will carry and guide us through these times.

I ask God to help to realize that my brokenness is only a means to an end and that joy comes in the morning. Even though right now I can't myself ever experiencing "joy" again.

Thank you for your post.

Nov 06, 2011
Death did us part
by: Hope


I am so sorry that you are having a rough go of it. You have been there for us all encouraging us all along and I would like to do the same for you. I still Miss and Love Paul though he has been gone for 2 years Dec 6th. 2011. I try to life life as though I am living it for the both of us.

I do not think or wonder if he will be there when I get there but I am sure that he will be with a great big smile and open arms. The last episode of Medium was so sad. I cried the first time that I watched it yet, went back a 2nd time and re-watched it and I would hope that Paul will be there waiting for me just as Joe was for Allison.

Don't give up on life you are live it as he would have wanted you to. That in itself is very difficult to find joy when it has been robbed from us and only grimaces and fake smiles cross our face.

One day there will be real smiles of memories we had. I thought that it could never be but it is possible to live life after death. Go out and find your peace and happiness you so deserve it...

Nov 05, 2011
Till Death.............
by: TrishJ

I am right there with you every day....every step. With the one year anniversary of Joe's death just weeks away I feel like I am back sliding. I'm not experiencing that crazy, desperate, overwhelming sick feeling I had for the first three months but the past few months have not been good. First our anniversary, then my birthday, our daughter got married on October 15th without her dad, his birthday. Some days I feel as if I am going to fall off the cliff.
I have admired your posts, faith and courage since I first found this site. In the beginning I began to doubt my faith. Is there a heaven? How does anybody really know for sure? I believe we are all recycled souls. You are so right. Will they still be waiting there for us? I hope so. I believe so.
I'm still waiting to have a really good dream about Joe. It doesn't seem to come. I want to feel his presence so badly. I miss his big strong hands holding mine. Even at his worst times during his illness he would grip my hand and give me that wink.
Let's hold on to our faith together. I find great comfort in feeling that I will see my husband again some day. Most days I long for that day.
The day we said those beautiful wedding vows did we really believe death would ever come into our lives and steal our soul mates? I've said before the only thing worse than losing my husband would be never having him in my life at all.
Hugs to you Mary.

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