by Tim
(Troy NY)

My 84 yr old dad died suddenly on the morning of Friday, Dec 16, 2011. He got up as he usually did every morning to make coffee for himself and my mom, however on this morning, there was no electicity because of a wind storm. He got himself washed and came back to bed and told my mom, "no sense in getting up, there's no power". With this he got into bed and turned on his side as he always did. My mom covered his shoulder and within a couple minutes, my mom heard a gurgling sound. My mom (who by the way is 88) didn't think anything of it. She went around the side of the bed and thought he must be in a deep sleep. After this, my mom went into the kitchen and thought the gurgling didn't sound right, so she went back into the bedroom and tried to wake him with no success. My wife and I were on our way to work, when my cousin called me and said.."there's something going on at your parents house, your mom called me crying saying your dad won't respond to her..I'm going to call 911"...I can still hear those words everyday!...I called my parents house and my mom answered..I asked what's going on...her words to me were "I don't know Tim, he won't answer me"..at this I cried out.."Oh mom,,,he's gone!" she said "I think so"...It took me 2 minutes to get to there house and I don't remember pulling into their driveway or running up the steps...all I remember is going into their bedroom and seeing my dad in bed...My dad had triple bypass surgery 22 years ago and had heart problems. Although we knew what would what would eventually happen, just never got the time to say goodbye. I spoke to the man at 9:00pm the previous night and at 2:00pm the next day. I had to pick out his casket..don't understand it. I saw my dad everyday and miss him terribly...just wish I had the chance to tell him everything I always wanted to.

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Feb 10, 2012
so sorry for your loss
by: Jen

I'm so sorry about your dad - sudden death is so hard to take. I buried my 23yr old son on 10/25/11 that fated day came to quick and I know all to well what your talking about when you say you didn't get to say goodbye. My son was in the Marines....he came home on 10/18/11 and was staying at his buddies house a few miles from me. He was dead a week later from a heroin overdose on 10/25/11 - No one had any idea he was experimenting with drugs and his death came as a complete shock. The coroner said based on her findings he was in the experimental stages which is probably what killed him. I have never been so heartbroken in my life and somedays I don't know how I wake up and get through a day. I have always believed things happen for a reason but this I am still trying to make sense of. I know he is in a better place...no more pain and the hands of God. thank you for sharing the loss of your dad - this website has helped me tremendously with my grief - I will pray for you and your family.

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