Time does not heal

by Mandy watts
(Manningtree )

My son was tragically taken on the 2nd of June 2011.. He was electrocuted whilst At work in chichester in Surrey. Bradley was 21 years old And the only grandson. Bradley worked for my dad. Our lives will never be the same..inside you are empty and waiting for a sorry still has not happenend. To plan a funeral for a son, grandson, brother, uncle and nephew was the hardest day. As a mum I had written the whole service myself. You carry one the best you can but to sit and talk to your son that now lives in the lounge in a box is not right. You ask yourself over and over again why. No one understands how you feel inside no one ever will. Love you son with all my heart. Love always mum xxx

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Apr 18, 2012
Hello Mandy
by: Tricia(Gosport Hants)

Hi Mandy I am truly sorry for your loss, like you and so many others I never thought for one second that I would bury one of my children. I had two sons when I went to bed on 25 March, when I got the phone call the next morning to say that Neil was dead (he lived in Scotland) my world shattered. The raw feeling is awful my heart is bursting and I truly don't know how to go on from where I am at this moment, it is only 3 weeks since Neils accident so I guess I have a long hard road ahead.....

RIP to all our departed sons and daughters....

Apr 18, 2012
understanding your pain
by: Cathy

Hi Mandy, this is angel Brandon's mom . I too lost my son he was also 21 on 18th October 2011 most tragically within seconds due to a massive heart attack, i m still under shock how can such a thing happen to one so young, i really don't have answers and doubt if i ever will. But one thing i can say to you there a lot of us who have gone through the same that you are going through and i can really feel your pain your emptiness because i know it all, family friends in a few months forget about them as if they never existed, but your son has gone away from you no one feels the pain except you.This prayer of mine goes from one hurting mom to another, may your pain become less day by day.I will pray for you. cathyfernandes12@yahoo.com
if any time you want to talk i m always there for u

Apr 17, 2012
Your Not Alone..
by: Vickie

Mandy, You aren't alone. I'm not saying it doesn't get lonely at times, but there are many of us who do understand. I am truly very Sorry, for the loss of your son. I don't think there is anything in this world worse than losing your child. Your son is still with you. Although you may not be able to reach out and hug him, or feel him...he is with you. I imagine he wouldn't want you to suffer so..I know that endless feeling of hopelessness. I lost my daughter over two years ago. It has been hell at times. Honestly the first year and half were probably the hardest. I am approaching the third yr. this fall. I have found some happiness again. I am able to smile (genuine smile) and laugh. I still have hard days/spells but they aren't as often. I know now that when the darkness starts to sweep over me, that eventually there will be light again. It takes time and I know how much this stinks!! No one should ever after to bury their child. I also wrote and did my daughters eulogy. I was able to manage to get through it gracefully. I felt I had to honor her and I had to Do this, for her and for me. She was also cremated and I have her ashes as well. I talk to her but not the urn. I talk to her on my way to work, in the shower, when I need to.

Give yourself more time. You had your son for over twenty yr's and your life is forever changed-but there is hope. Hope , for brighter days with time. Keeping coming here. People here understand your enormous loss and pain.

I will keep you in my prayers. God Bless You,


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