Timothy Martin LaGana
June 22, 1965

by Brenda Lorraine
(Syracuse, NY)

Tim ( Like I always said u were the most important guy in my life)

Tim ( Like I always said u were the most important guy in my life)

Timothy Martin LaGana was special....

I knew when I met him how compassionate, loving and kind he was when we started walking and I went without thinking to hold onto him and realized I had just met him and I pulled away...He said to me "you can hold onto me if you want"...boy did I want to and I did for a bit, cause I didn't want to push him away. But I didn't want to come across too anxious....

Shortly after that Tim and I started spending every weekend together and at least 2 days of the week together...He was a loving father to his kids...And filled with love for me...and I'm grateful we never hesitated to tell each other how much we loved each other, we never hesitated to hug or kiss. We loved each other and we knew the love we had for each other...that's why this is so hard because I don't understand how something so tragic could happen... that would leave the other one behind.

We had just dropped off his precious daughter and her friend home after a visit with us for the wkend...I remember he got back in the car, he turned the car around. I remember he told me about his daughter's half sisters mom dropping her at home. I think we also spoke about something his exwife had mentioned to him...Last thing I clearly remember is looking down to read my thick acctg book (that's it)...

Then I was waking up (which day it was, I had no idea, I didn't even know if it was night or day) and noticing the clock said about 13 mins before 12... I knew I was in a hospital, but what part I did not know and ICU at that...

I kept asking about Tim but I did not find out until the next day that he had died in the accident. (I don't remember and we probably never realized what was happening since we were parked in a driveway). The poor kid had fallen asleep and veered off the highway and into us on Tims side of the car)...

It has been very hard ever since cuz I miss his presence. (And I know he would not want the boy to feel guilty about what happened)..his holding me..his love..his kisses (and HE told ME he loved ME cause he loved MY personality...BUT I LOVED HIS!!!) But most of all his conversation and how he made me laugh.

I loved Tim and I still love him!!! I was shocked and disappointed and distraught I was torn away from him. I'll never see his boyish grin again or hold his strong precious body aginst mine or feel his thick salt and pepper hair (he would say he did not have it while I laughed at him...cuz he did).

One thing he tried to teach me was acceptance...So even though I cry alot I need to learn to accept what has happened....I miss you and always will.

Love your Girlfriend Brenda

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June 22, 1965

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Apr 18, 2010
by: Anonymous

I knew Timmy when he was a little boy and he was a very special man indeed. Sounds trite but he was too special for this world. I came on this website today because I lost my husband and best friend two days ago. I can't believe the pain. It is even worse than I thought. Hope things got better for you and I am thinking about you at my difficult time.

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