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I came to the site for my first post last year when my Mom passed. I did not think I would ever "get over it." I didn't, but I got through it. Today I am not as lost, I am not as broken, I am not as fearful, and I have filled that whole she left somewhat. I am not who I used to be.
But I am OK. I still miss my Mom, I still cry some days and I still feel occasional guilt. But I am OK. I still love my Mom so, so much. I still wish I could talk to her and I still Love her with all my heart.

I Love you so much MOM. But I know that God helps me every day and I know if he let's you, so do you.

It is coming upon your birthday this month and it will be the first one we are not together in my life. I will celebrate you that day, your love for me, your dedication to raising you kids, your strength, your faith in God, your gentleness, your roughness, your no nonsense approach to things, your consistency, your dependability, your being given to me as a gift.

I love you now and always Mom.

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Nov 23, 2013
Lost my second best friend
by: Tina from Chicago

I have not visited this site for a while. I am coping with the loss of my Mother well I think; I still cry but I also smile many times when I think of her. I still believe she is around me all the time and that I can feel her comforting me when I need it.

But today, I am here because yesterday I was told that the best friend that I had remaining in this world died of a heart attack. I had just seen him Monday and talked to him briefly the day before. He hadn't been feeling well but we no idea whatsoever, death was coming!!! He refused, as many men do, to go to the doctor; I wished I'd been pushier about it. When my Mom was ill he helped me get her to doctors' appointments, he let me cry and just sat there in support, he supported all of us, me, my kids, niece and nephew, brother and sister. Nothing came before his support of us except his own family. When my Mom was sick and I was so lonely I prayed for a friend and God sent me him. He never abandoned us not one moment. We saw him at least weekly and he made all our family events. He was indeed family. He mentored my Grandson when his father walked out of his life creating emotional pain. My grandson fondly refers to him as "my best friend." I miss him so much already. I can't imagine him never knocking on our door again. I feel so sorry for what I know his family is experiencing right now. Only God can help them. I know he was having some awful life circumstances and I know he is being held by the most loving arms of all, our God. I like to think that he has found my his Mother and my Mother and they are all "catching up" on what has been happening. I like to think that our friendship made his life better somehow, because I know that it made mine better. For one man he really did a lot for a lot of people.

All I can say is see ya later "OLE MAN." You were and will probably always be the very best friend I ever had. I love you.

Mar 09, 2012
Power of Prayer and Faith
by: Rose L

I lost my daughter a little over a year ago. My heart aches, I cry, I pray, I talk, I remember, I share memories..and I thank God every day for His grace and His mercy. My daughter was a blessing as I am sure all parents, or most feel about their children. She is one of my three angels. Two are here with me on earth, and now Shanny is in Heaven.
Time has healed but God's presence daily has given me the strength and courage to face each day. I believe in His love and know He would never want less for my daughter than I did. I know if I loved her with a great mother's love. His almighty love for her must be awesome! That gives me hope. I know she is in heaven and I pray for direction daily.

Rose L.

Mar 09, 2012
by: momma anne

I hope to one day be able to say the same thing, your post gives me hope that all this grief, anxiety, pain and numbness will subside a little. I lost my almost 3 year old grandson in Jan this year, today is two months since he left due to dr's negligence and the pain is still unreal, I have to be strong for my children as well as his parents while trying to keep myself together. I too would love to believe my grandson is in heaven looking down on us and laughing that sweet little laugh he had. hugs and much love to you, Ann

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