To My Rose

by Alan Corbishdale
(Grosse Pointe Woods, Mi.)

April 24, 2012 Rose went away, She was my best friend, my lover & my wife for almost 35 years.One might think that would be enough loss for one year well think again. On Father's Day 2011 my father passed away 10 months later Rose passed then 3 weeks later my mom died. I just felt abandon, why did every one I love so much just leave. Yes I know that they went to a better place but the left me to carry on by myself. Yes I an doing it some days better than others, its just hard. Trying to figure out grief and how it fits in to this new life. Some days I wish for my old life to return but that would only suite me and bring pain to everyone else. Some days I think I know my path others not so much, just looking for clarity.I do know one thing with out my faith I would be totally lost and weak, I thank you my lord. I guess Rose prepared my for this throughout our marriage now its my time to carry out he wishes.

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Sep 24, 2012
To My Rose
by: Doreen U.K.

Alan I am sorry for your loss of your wife Rose, yourf father, and your mom. It is a painful road for you to travel having lost all 3 major significant people from your life. I would be devastated. I lost my husband of 44yrs. to cancer almost 5 months ago, and I am devastated. I am still searching for him to come home from one of his jobs overseas. I have to sit and watch our TV programmes alone. We watched them together. This hurts. Even one day at a time is so very hard. When we lose someone we are open and vulnerable to further loss of loved ones. It is my Faith also that carries me through. If you have the God channel tune in. There will always be some input to lift you and encourage you on each day. We have to keep HOPE alive. We will see our LOVED ONES again when our Lord returns to this earth for us like HE PROMISED. "I go to prepare a place for you, & I WILL COME BACK AGAIN FOR YOU. So that Where I am there you may be also". I wish you Peace from your sorrow and loss.

Sep 23, 2012
to my rose
by: silver

I feel your pain Alan.In 18 months,my father,my best friend of 28 yrs(our kids grew up together),my mother and my husband of 33 yrs died. Like you,if not for my faith in GOD, I would be dead now because I would have given up. Like you,I wish at times that I could have them back. I was just talking to my husband today and saying that I thought we would be together for a few more years. I never expected to be a widow before I could even get social security.Dumb thought.I miss him so much.He is so much better off where he is though.He had emphysema so bad that he only had 40% of his lung power left. While he was on a respirator for pneumonia they found a tumor in his lung. I would never want him to go through sitting on oxygen and chemo.I know GOD has his own time for each of us but it is so hard to be alone so early.I have posted some poetry about grief but I also wrote two poems to him for our silver anniversary that I treasure. What people don't understand is that even though it was the best for them the thing I miss the most is JUST his presence. The fact that he was here.Now he's not.I imagine from your letter the same is true for you.I think if you truly love someone that is the hardest thing to deal with. I get the usual comments,"he's in a better place","he's better off","it will get better" etc. People mean well but it's not enough. I have a son who said it better I think. He said,"one day at a time mom."GOD BLESS you and give you strength.I pray each night for those of us who need and prayers sent your way

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