To the Love of my life

by Alex Tan

The Year 2007 was the best one I ever had. That was when I met the man that will forever change my life. Gary was the kind of person that will make you feel important, no matter who you are, no matter where you came from, and whatever your station in life is.
Gary showed me what a good human being should be. He showed me respect, he gave me dignity, he taught me how to love unconditionally and without reservations.
I know that some of you may not know me very well. I met most of you because of Gary, and you must all now that he meant so much to me… he still means so much to me. Please realize that it is so painful for me to speak about someone that I love in the past tense. Thank you all so much for your understanding.
Gary had so much love to give to everyone, to all the people he knew. He touched many people’s lives. He was a good man. I was one of the luckiest persons to ever receive his unwavering love. He made me a major part of his life, something that I will forever be grateful for.
He was the only man I ever felt safe with. He loved me against all odds and I loved him with all my heart. He is the love of my life and I will always remember the things we did together. He will always be remembered for being a wonderful friend, a loving father, a good son and always a brother to everyone.
It does not matter how long you know Gary. Years don’t mean anything even if you know him longer than me. I have felt his love and his compassion. He was very kind and the most sincere man I ever met in my life.
During our first years together, we never wanted his friends to know about us for fear that we would be judged unfairly. We kept our love a secret because he was unsure how people will react. But after a few months, and after a few encounters with those he considered his closest and dearest friends, he realized that it didn’t matter what other would say.
What was important to him was that we were two people who found each other, who wanted to spend our lives together, who wanted to share our joy with those important to us.
He introduces me to all the people that he loved. Naturally, I felt like an outsider at first. But Gary, compassionate man that he was, always wanted to make sure I felt comfortable. He always wanted me to be part of everything he did.
He taught me so many things in life. We shared adventures. I am very happy to have seen South Africa through his eyes. He wanted to show me the beautiful country he wanted to live in when he retires. Every time we visited South Africa for holidays, Gary always told me that he wanted to settle there. He always looked forward to coming home to South Africa. That was his wish, and he wanted me to be there with him.

Gary, I wish you are still here. I love you with all my heart. I just want you to know I have never failed loving you and I will always cherish the moments we had together.
The years we’ve shared have been full of joy, laughter and love. The memories we've made will go on and on. I haven't stopped crying since you went away, and I've asked God time and time why couldn't you stay longer.
You lit up my life, gave me hope, and you shared my dreams. You've opened my eyes to see what life means. I truly love you with all my heart. You loved me unconditionally and I still feel the same way. Wherever you are now, I just want you to know I will miss you and I will always remember and love you forever.
We both made huge sacrifices just to be with each other. It was all worth it. Gary wanted to marry me, but there was never a right time. He gave me a promise ring that he said was our engagement ring and he promised that he will always love me forever.
Gary, you are the love of my life. And you will live in me forever. Thank you for the wonderful memories. Thank you for letting me be a part of your life. I am sorry for any hurt I may have caused you. I am sorry that we can no longer grow old together. Till we meet again, Gary….
I love you for a thousand years!
In love with you forever,

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