Tobby, our great dog

by Oscar Pedroso
(Miami, FL. USA)

Tobby in his house

Tobby in his house

We had Tobby for almost 12 years. He gave us everything you could dream of in a pet. I still remember that Tobby could know when we were coming from work, as he would go to the door to welcome us. He was always there, and he never gave us any problems. He was very obedient, and very intelligent.

A couple of months ago we discovered that he had cancer. We preferred not to do anything and just let life follow its course, and we gave him the best we could. We gave him love, attention and company. We did not want him suffer from chemotherapy or anything like that. I asked some vets and they told me it would not have been a good idea to do that to him.

He was doing fine for his condition, and we accepted that he was not the Tobby we had known, but he never cried or showed how sick he could be.

Last Monday I don't know what happened, but his lovely face changed, he was not himself, I guess he lost his vision. He was crying and at that time we thought that putting him to sleep was what he deserved, because he had been a very happy dog for his entire life. He passed away at 11:30 pm on September 14th, 2009.

I am deeply in pain, and can't accept that he is not with us any more, but at least I know we did something for him in response to all the happiness he gave us for so many years. He is not suffering now. That is the only comfort I have, but I miss him a lot !!

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Aug 12, 2011
Your post helped me alot
by: Anonymous

I guess that is what we are supposed to do when our beloved pets become ill. I am grieving so intensely the loss of my cocker spaniel of 11 year. He had gone to the vets for routine surgery and a young inexperienced vet kept him under anesthesia for way too long...two hours and even groomed him while intubated. He developed esophagitis and two weeks later a stricture. He couldn't keep food down. He was a dog that lived to eat, he would hide when he saw me coming with the syringe to feed hurt to swallow. After 16 days, I said I can't do this to him anymore. I am so very sad but your post helped me realize that maybe I did the best thing by letting him go while he still had dignity. I fear I let him go too soon and that is why I cry. I hope with time you have been able to find peace with Tobby's passing.

May 07, 2010
I am sorry!
by: Anonymous

What a sweet face! I am sure you miss him as much as I miss my L'il Girl who left on 4/27/10 - we will always miss them but I hope the pain doesn't last forever!

Apr 06, 2010
Still missing him
by: Oscar P

It has been more than six months, and I still miss my Tobby. It is amazing how people like me come to this place to let our grief out, I am still trying hard to recover, still trying very hard. The other day I found some pics that I could not remember I had taken of him, and it made me feel really sad.

I still can't believe that he is not among us, but the worst part is knowing that he won't, at least not physically. He will always be in our dreams, day and night, but I would have preferred to have him with us. We also have Blackie, and we love him a lot, but still miss our Tobby waiting for me at the door. Now Blackie waits for me too, with the ball in his mouth, and sometimes I believe that he misses Tobby too!

It has been hard, and I do not know when the pain will stop, perhaps I am trying to write in here to make the pain go away, who knows. I understand every single person that comes here to express their feelings, and I know that only someone like us here can understand what we are going through!
Still miss you, my Tobby!

Mar 05, 2010
Sharing Helps
by: Ric

Thank you for sharing. I lost my little girl on 1-5-10 and as I read this site I realize that our pets are dying much to soon.

My Nikki was 9 years old and after reading some of the stories I see I'm not alone in this early departure sadness. This doesn't make the loss any easier, but any solace helps.

God Bless

Nov 11, 2009
Our great dogs
by: Henry

I lost Barney 10-12-09, he was a chow-cocker spaniel mix. He was the first thing I saw when I came home from the hospital. We put him down when he was 15 and 1/2. His arthritis in his back legs made it hard for him to walk. He could not sleep. And was up all night most nights walking around. We will always miss our doggies. Thank you for your kind words. Good luck. Henry

Oct 07, 2009
In our hearts
by: Alice

I lost my dear german shepherd of 10 1/2 years to cancer in April. I inherited him from father who died of cancer 8 years ago. He kept me sane when I was caring for my dying father.

When Katrina hit, my husband had to evacuate to Arkansas with his special needs clients, and I was alone for 2 very long weeks. I wasn't really alone, because Schlitz was with me. He was always my friend, my buddy, my protector, and my "baby boy."

I often remind myself the most difficult problem with pets is they just don't live long enough. But I would not end a moment of pain and anquish at his loss, for to do so would be to wish he had not been such an important part of my life. Schlitz was a trooper till the end, going so far as to wait till I got home from work, so I could hold his head in my lap and stroke his cheek as he passed.

May you find strength and the joy you were given and a life enriched by the love only a loyal pet can give.

You truly have my heartfelt sypathy.

Sep 24, 2009
Thinking of you

We just lost our dog to cancer on September 8th. You are in my thoughts and prayers, this truly is incredibly difficult.

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