Today's Her Birthday

Just lost mom 3 months ago. Today is her birthday. I miss her terribly and it seems to be harder day by day. We have dealt with the cleaning out and trying to move on. We had to do Thanksgiving one week after we buried her. Christmas was a blur. . . and now her birthday. I know she would want me to keep moving and "be happy" and enjoy my boys. No one told me what a hole it leaves to lose Mom! She had 8 children and made everyone of us feel as though we were her "favorite". She taught to us to treat each other with respect and begged at us to try to stay togeter. Miss you Mom - Happy Birthday!

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Mar 10, 2015
love you
by: ashley

She is with you dear. She loves you she see you she is with you. Just don’t be sad because if you are sad your mother can’t handle it so be happy always and she will be smiling. She is so lucky to get a great and loving child like you. God bless you my dear.

Sep 04, 2012
today's her birthday
by: silver

my mom left us about 3 1/2 months from her birthday on June 30,2010. It was a very hard day.I also was made representative w/will and had to clean out the house.My dad had died only 7 months previous from multiple myleoma(a blood cancer that attacks the bones and immune system).They had been married 64 years and raised 6 kids. I think mom just gave up because she no longer had anyone to take care of. I know how you feel and to say it gets easier is a difference of time. Most days I don't cry for her.She is no longer in pain,but on special occasions I still grieve.It's only been a little over 2 years but it is becoming more tolerable.I go to grief counseling and it helps.I still cry because GOD took my father,mother friend of 28 yrs and my soul-mate of 33 yrs in a 18 month period. I work at dealing with this day by day and sometimes hour by hour.I pray every day for strength and for me it does help. I pray for you and others like us. love to you all

May 31, 2011
Thank you for posting your blog :)
by: Anonymous

I feel your pain going through the holidays. I buried my mom 12-23-2010. Christmas was a blur.. as you felt also. Holidays are horrible.. and her and I share the same birthday.. which is coming up. I feel lost alot of the time..thinking I need to call her and remind her to take her meds.. or see if she needs anything or bring her a plate of food if she is hungry. Or make her watch me put the puzzle together she always had going or just to be in the same room with her. Your blog caught my eye because of the similarities that I am experiencing and trying to understand. Thank you for posting your blog and I truly hope you are doing well.

Mar 05, 2011
Please let me help
by: Elisa Medhus, M.D.

Hello Sweetie. I lost my son a year ago and I understand your pain. It seems like the pain is worse when it involves a platonic soul mate. Please join our family of like minded people at the channeling erik website and let us wrap you in love and hope. Erik often brings our loved ones to us, physically or in lucid dreams. He also answers questions about the afterlife, death the human experience and how physics explains the fact that your mom is not really gone, she's just shed her body as though it was a change of clothes. Knowing all this doesn't take away all the pain, because we miss the hugs and kisses, but it gives us hope and a sense of purpose. So many of us, once strangers, are now lifelong friends. Happy Birthday to your mom and love and light to you.

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