by Steve,

Tom was a small Yorkshire Terrier who was 18 months old when he joined me in our journey of life,i live alone so Tom became my best friend,lively,loving and devoted beyond words. When younger we'd walk miles through the dense woodland or across fields where we explored little tracks,he loved to play football and check out the orphan lambs during the spring,one his favourite things to do was go for rides in the car covering so many miles together.

As the years past Tom slowed down and it was evident in his final months age did indeed begin to show,of course i realised but chose to ignore or not accept how frail age was making him feel,all the same i feel guilt i didn't acknowledge it earlier.

A freak accident at home seconds after i arrived fractured his femur,2 small hairline cracks,in his hurry to go out i can only think he banged the hind leg,unable to stand without support i took Tom to the vets where xrays showed the damage,options were operate and have a long recovery period meaning no walks,or even pottering around the garden,being kept under strict such as a cage to prevent him moving about,the other was to have the leg amputated.

Tom would be 16 years of age in a couple of months, so to see him struggle lose his dignity and feel a prisoner in his own home was unbearable to think of.

Letting him go was the hardest thing i've had to do,i held him close right until the end and said don't forget i love you,please forgive me.

Its only been just over week and i'm grieving badly yet Tom is still giving me strength to carry on,remembering our wonderful life together is comforting,trying to forget his last few hours isn't.

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Jul 01, 2014
by: Doreen UK

Steve I am so sorry for your loss of Tom. Such a beautiful Yorkshire Terrier. I love those breed of dogs along with a Westie.
Pets provide such unconditional Love and they are so adorable. Letting go is the hardest thing to do but necessary so Tom did not suffer.
My sister is in the same place as you having her Westie for 16yrs. and now dying of cancer. She is not prolonging his life. She has to do the right thing. But when this day comes soon, it will be so very hard. Her Dog Dixie is in pain and she knows. Poor animals have to rely on their owners to know when they are in pain and they need their medication. Such a special bond between a dog/pet and its owners. I had cockatiels and knew when it was time to let them go to an aviary which would be a larger environment for them to thrive and live out their lives in this place. I miss them so much but have such wonderful memories of them. R.I.P. Tom.

Jun 28, 2014
So Sorry for Your Loss
by: K from AZ

So sorry to hear about Tom. I lost my dog, Teddy, who was 17 1/2 years old two summers ago. Dogs truly are family members and we grieve them in the same way.

Keep thinking about the good times with Tom and put the bad times out of your mind and heart. I believe our pets are waiting for us in heaven. They know we love them. After Teddy died, a few times I could have sworn I felt him jump on the bed at night. It was if he was letting me know he is OK...

Be comforted remembering how much Tom loved you! He wouldn't want you to be sad.

Jun 28, 2014
by: Eva

My heart goes out to you. Our Lab, Bryce, passed five months ago. I'm still grieving, but the pain is easing. Time heals. As suggested, on this site, I have started a album with photos and memories of all the good times. It truly helps. Many feel we will be with our pets again some day. It is a comforting thought. I hope they are right. You had many wonderful years with Tom. He lived a happy and long life, because you gave him lots of love. My thoughts are with you. Eva

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