by josephine corliss

This is 3 years later tomorrow i lost the most special daugther who was most like me my mini me im tryn to deal the best i can with her death but somehow it just seems to get worse at times i feel like i want to go to but than i hear her voice in my headd saying no mommy not yet you need to be there for my sisters and your grandkids than suddenley i feel a sence of relief that your right next to me or somewhere close by i will never stop thinking about you what you would be doning if you were still here or what you are doning now that your up there when i need help i call your name and you make things happen that only god can do you are my guardian angel your right by my side just as you were when you were here and im confident you wont ever let anything or anyone hurt me im starting to realize your never coming back but than theirs that doubt i call your husband i ask wheres linda and he replys sleeping just like you use to be it to gives me a scene of security to think that you never left i cant do that anymore because now jan 4th 2013 your husband left to i believe in my heart he couldnt live without you well atleast i would like to believe that though life is strange he made it threw new years and had the last one just like you...i think now i kida feel a lil at ease knowing hes now with you and your with your father these are the 2 men who will always be in your life and lets not forget your first love hes there to thers so many loved ho you now share your new life with my great grandmother for one thing and your other grandmother for another your grandpa who you adore your cousin and so many more you are not alone thers a Micheal jackson song buy that name and when i hear it i always think of you and than i know what the words are saying are true and i am not alone you are here with me ...happy 3rd anniversary in heaven my beautiful daughter linda sleep well we love you and miss you so much love your mommie and your 3 sisters brother and your son robert and your daughters sara and lil lynda


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Jan 20, 2013
so sad, too
by: Neva,s mom

Lost My daughter,, Neva..a few posts down, Iknow how you feel.. I know, for me? It will Never get any better.. Ill; always miss my girl.. til The day I die.. My Neva.. is up with her Granny, that she loved, as much as me.. and her father, Im so sorry for your lose too, after reading? about your beautiful daughter Linda, I just want to tell you , you are not alone. I feel the same.. Over My Neva,
I know this, pain.. My baby sends me signs,, from heaven she is Ok too, Only Id give my life just to hug her and tell her I Love her..... and just hug her One more time..

Luv you. Nevas Mom...

Jan 18, 2013
Your daughter
by: Kate

I read your hurt and sorrow. I am so sorry. My son has only been gone 2 months. It is a long hard journey death. I have lost many before but never my child. My heart goes out to you. There are a lot of free grief groups please do go to one. I think you need it at this point so you can take some steps forward. I know those in the grief group understand and feel as we do. Try that and look at all the good you have in her children. She her shining through them. God be with you.

Jan 15, 2013
Tomorrow Your gone 3 years and it still feels like yesterday
by: Doreen U.K.

Josephine I am sorry for your loss of your daughter 3yrs. ago. If you are finding you are stuck in grief and not moving forward but getting worse you can go and see a grief counsellor who would be able to support you well with this loss. Death robs us of our joy, and happiness. Death robs us in so many ways. WE didn't do this to ourselves. It happened to us and we all have to deal with this as best as we can. You are not alone. Our lives have been turned upside down with Death and Healing is very SLOW. Losing a child/Adult Child is the worst experience a mother will go through. You carried this daughter for 9 months and nurtured her. Only to find that she died and was robbed of LIVING. My husband didn't want to die but he did die 8 months ago from cancer. Our lives have been turned upside down. Grief beats the body up and one feels ill a lot of the time. It will take time for us all to move forward. I wish you Peace and Comfort in your sorrow and grief.

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