Took for granted...


Having been brought up by a single mother, whom I never got on with at the best of times, was difficult. She met and married a man who presumed the role of my father since I was the age of 3. His family welcomed me into their lives and treated me as they treated my sister and brothers who followed.

Unfortunately, due to the ever-deteriorating relationship between my mother and I, I began to feel segregated from my family, and therefore toward the end of my teens decided to break all contact with them, leaving my siblings and grandparents behind.

Two years or so on, I received a phone call from my sister informing me of the bad news that my Grandad had died. She had awoken in the early morning to find him struggling for breath; and despite the paramedics best efforts at CPR, they failed to resuscitate him.

I guess, what I really want to describe is how I took my Grandfather's presence for granted. It never occurred to me how much of an influence he had on me growing up. I remember he was a watercolour artist, and taught me how to paint. He took me in as his own flesh and blood, and I never got the opportuity to thank him for it. Or at least I ran out of time to.

It has been a huge wake up call, and I suppose it's true that you cannot pick your family; but regardless, each and everyone of us should embrace those in our lives and be thankful for the time we have with them. The death of my Grandfather is very sad indeed, but it has also given me a new perspective, and I now intend to regain the relationships with my family members.

So thank you Grandad x

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Jul 03, 2012
Once a teacher, always a teacher
by: Marilyn

That is so sweet! Even in his death, your grandfather is still teaching you.
Be happy,

Jun 30, 2012
Took for granted.
by: Doreen U.K.

Dear Special Person.
What a lovely Posting of your family. I commend and applaud you for your new attitude. It is hard to tell whether Male or female. I suspect you are young. Most people have disappointment with their family. My son was the prodigal. He was hard to love. I told him so. Because he was such a rebel. I did the right thing by taking him to church each week so he gets a good foundation to carry him through life. Well my son Chris hated me for this. Church to him was boring. He took off and I didn't see him for years. I prayed for him. I never stopped loving him. Chris thought he had a bad family. He left. My eldest daughter was angry at me forgiving my son (her brother) and taking him back. My eldest daughter Angela was the perfect daughter she made parenting easy because she co-operated. She was obedient. Chris was disobedient and made things difficult.
I am so glad that you came to your senses and saw your family in a different light now and trying to work things out. You see I told you my story so you could see that even children have a responsibility. A lot of problems arise due to immaturity. So Children rebel. Making things difficult within the family. I hope that you are able to build on your relationship. Your new behaviour may just help in healing within the family. Your grandfather's legacy to you will carry you through life and you will never forget the influence he had on you that has given you your life back, and reshaped your future. Build on this and go do the same by being a good influence on others and you will see how your world changes and you will become a happier person. I am sorry for the loss of your grandfather. But happy that his influence on you has helped turn your life around for the best.
Best wishes for the future. Thank you for your great attitude which is a blessing to all who read your posting on this website.

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