Touch Point

by Allison

My dear Kent died suddenly sixteen months ago. This site has helped immensely but as you all know, the grief is enormous and often feels crushing. I needed something to brighten the days of this never ending winter which I know has just fueled my sadness. For some reason last week I was drawn to Kent's wedding ring. I put it on - it was loose - but then I tried it on my finger beside my wedding band. They looked great together so I took them to a jeweler, had Kent's ring sized to my finger and soldered to my ring. The result was beautiful. I am now wearing my/our new ring. I feel lighter in spirit and even closer to my Sweetie. My sister called it a touch point and to me, that says it all.

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May 08, 2013
touch point
by: silver

What a beautiful idea. I can't wear my wedding ring because I am bigger now than when I got married. Our rings were not a matched set.Mine was a gift from my mother,it was her mothers ring.I am going to give it to my granddaughter one day.My husbands ring will go to our son.(We married w/kids from previous marriages-Yours,mine and ours-He had one,I had 2 and then one together).I just love it when people think of such beautiful things to honor and remember loved ones.I write poetry.I have written several poems for my husband.I wrote 2 for our silver anniversary.I wrote one for his funeral and several since then. I send you love and support.It does get easier.My love has been gone since May 2011.It will never go away.I still cry sometimes but I talk about him a lot to others to keep his memory alive.May GOD send you love and peace.

Mar 30, 2013
The "ring" thing
by: Anonymous

I lost my partner 16 months ago to cancer. I now wear his wedding band on my right hand ever since the day of his funeral and never take it off.
It fits very tightly and is difficult to remove.
The strange thing is that 3 times now I have woken up and found it on the bedside table beside me. And one other morning I woke to find it on my other hand??
I've always been a bit sceptical about getting signs from him. But this I can't explain, unless I'm doing this in my sleep. This seems unlikely as the ring is very tight on my finger.
I choose now to believe it's a sign and when it happens I now say "I know your there and I believe you sweet heart, I love you too and miss you"
He asked me before he passed if I wanted him to give me a sign after he passed if he could. I said no. It would scare me, sort of joking with him and he laughed.
It looks like he hasn't given up convincing me.

Mar 28, 2013
by: June

Allison, that is so touching, I would do the same with Mike's ring but it was stolen in a break-in some years ago and we didn't replace it. I am thinking of having a bit of Mike's ashes put in a locket or bracelet so I can feel that I am close to him. Not sure if this is morbid, but I think it would help me. I miss him so much and life isn't the same.
Hopefully one day we will be Together Again.
There has to be more to life than this!

Mar 27, 2013
Touch Point
by: Pat J.Green Bay,WI

Dear Allison,
It is 22 months today, my husband died from a massive heart attack. He was 67.
At my husbands wake, one of my girlfriends from high school, who lost her husband 6 months before, came wearing her husbands wedding ring on a chain around her neck. I had a diamond necklace that my husband bought me for Valentines Day years ago. I put his ring on that, only to have one of my grandsons give me a hug, sitting on the lawn, a few weeks after my husbands death and he caught the chain and it broke. Luckily I found the diamond and my husbands ring.The broken chain and diamond are in my jewelry boz. From then on I wear my husbands ring on my right hand. It is too big for the normal ring finger, but what is normal anymore anyway. If I don't have it on my finger I feel something is missing. I hope one day to have it made smaller and wear it with my wedding rings.
I think we all have a connection to our husband, even after their death. They are our personal angel watching over us. We never truly get over losing them, we just slowly learn how to live without them.

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