All I keep hearing,
what a tragedy, So sorry for your loss,
I hope you can find peace and happiness someday.

Im sick of people saying that-

3 months ago I lost my husband, he was murdered,
How am i suppose to find peace?

Or when someone says it gets better?

I dont know how it will ever get better,
I lost my husband, my bestfriend.

He was about to be a daddy, I was 7 months pregnant when he was shot and killed.

Cody was only 21 years old, we had it all, Great job, our first home, married last year everything was beautiful, high school sweethearts, so in love, so happy.

Now Im alone with our son, 4 weeks old, and Im in so much pain. My son will never know his daddy.

Such a Tragedy, a nightmare, it doesnt end.

Overwhelmed with pain and anguish.
Will there be justice?

3months since cody has been killed and it feels like yesterday, the pain gets more intense as the days go by.

So sick of family asking me if I am doing better.
IM NOT, IM NOT OK. I wont be ok maybe ever.

I am 20 years old, a widow, a new mother and scared of the future.

I MISS YOU CODY- I wish I could fix this, I wish you were still here.
Tragedy at it highest-

Such a great man, taken from us, doesnt make sense.

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Mar 07, 2013
Your Will Be With Cody Again
by: Anonymous

I recently lost my loved one to murder. She had her whole life ahead of her as well. It was her good and trusting nature that lead to her demise. I feel exactly as you do. It felt like everyday got worse. I started meditating. I started visualizing happiness as much as I can in an attempt to overcome the inclination to bad thoughts. The thing you should take most solace is in knowing that the time with your loved one is not over. I read a powerful book called Many Lives, Many Masters by Brian Weiss. He is a psychiatrist that specializes in past life regression therapy. He proved through hypnosis that all of us are a summation of multiple lives over variable length of time. Each life brings us different experiences both good and bad. But the most important thing is that the loved ones you have experienced are loved ones that you have traveled with over many life spans. Though your time during this life with Cody is no more, take solace in knowing you will be with him again. But also remain open. The same connection you had with him can be established with someone else in this life. Another individual that you have also traveled through the ages with. It may be a different connection, but one none the less. As people a lot of out pain is because we get a sense that this is it, this is all we have. That is most definitely not the case. But the only way you can know is by living, meditating, and allowing yourself to feel but not be taken over by it. I loved my Melissa so much. Pure heart and truly a good soul. Though the deceased suffer transiently, us the living suffer continuously. Nothing will ever completely take the pain away. The answers as to why most likely will never come. But don't get to caught up in this life is all it is. Believe me, our lives may be a tad bit longer than our loved ones, but eventually we too must pass. Time in the end will allow you to move on, but please don't feel like Cody is no more, he is there just in a different way.

Dec 09, 2012
by: Anonymous

Thank you for sharing your very real situation and emotions. Your situation is unfathomably painful. There are times where you will wish it was you instead of him...times where you will feel that life is completely meaningless. Even in your darkest moments, know that you are not alone. There are others, like myself, who have been where you are, who have felt the excruciating pain, and who have made it to a much happier place. You are loved by us. You are not alone in this world. We all share a spirit. We are connected.

Jul 27, 2012
my mom
by: Anonymous

I lost my mom she was walking and hit by a car. I'm her only child. I'm in so much pain. It happened March 1 2012
The man that hit her never apologized it. Hurts bad. I want answers
The witnesses said it was his fault and didn't. Get in trouble. Or nothing. My heart breaks everyday

Apr 22, 2012
tragedy reply
by: cheryl

I just lost my mom, and I went to the dr last weekend to get some help, he told me to see a psyciatrist. I can't afford a psyc. So I turned to this site. then I met a man at the park yesterday handing out flyers on heaven, he helped me so much, he said we are supposed to live our lives for Jesus, give all your problems to Jesus, accept him, and ask him for help, and he will help you. I swear it helped me, last weekend I went outside and cried so hard, I went outside in the dark so nobody would see me. I can't say I am all better now, because I am not, but I do have some hope now because before yesterday I did not, I did not care if I remodel my house or not, because I thought who cares, you fix it you die, then somebody else has to sell it, I was stuck, I'm still so sad, but not so stuck, there is hope for me, and theres hope for you too, and I also get tired of hearing it gets better, becuz ok, but like when, It can take a year to stop grieving heavily. You are at the beginning of grief stages,
you will be crying all the time, your so young also, I wish i lived by you, I would come over.

Apr 20, 2012
Your not alone
by: Anonymous

My heart feels for you. I too am grieving after losing my partner 6 months ago.
I know you have heard and read this before, but it will get a little easier for you to accept. And I know at the moment you don't want to accept the reality because it's too unbearable. I felt that way too 3 months ago.
Grief is a form of love. It's what happens because we love the one we have lost so very much.
It's our tribute to the one we love.
I'm still in constant pain and my heart aches, but in the last few weeks I'm a little calmer, just a little.
Cody has left you with a part of him. Look at your baby and see Cody in him. Cody would want you to take good care and love him like you loved him.
Take care of yourself and Cody's baby, put all your energy into the both of you.
You are not alone with your pain, we here are all in different stages of our grief. We all understand and care about you and understand your unbearable pain.
It's not a bad idea if you can't take any more of the pain to seek professional help. There are people you can talk to and vent all of your pain, they too will listen and care.
When we lose someone we love it never makes any sense, no matter how they died.
Please take care sweetheart and think of how lucky you are to have a part of Cody left for you to take care of. Cody is at peace, the same as all our lost loved ones are.
It's now time for you to find a little peace too, it will happen over time. Cody will always be watching over you and his beautiful baby.

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