Tragic Accident

by Felix

On March 15, 2013 my wife and I went for a drink. It was nearing the end of my 9 day vacation and we hadn't really done anything prior. That night we got into an argument and she didn't want me to sleep in the same room with her. After about an hour or so, I went back into our bedroom and she was there hyperventalating. She said she was fine and I told her that there may be times where she hates me and times where I hate her but that no one else was going to be there for each other like we have been. We went to sleep shortly after.

In the morning we woke up and there was a festival happening in our local community. We went there with my daughter as her fiancee had gone out of town with his three best freinds and was planned to return that morning. We left for the festival and my daughter was growing more concerned as her fiancee or any of the other guys were not returning calls or text. We decided to leave and go back home. When we got home, my daughter stated that she had recieved a text from her friend that said that her fiancee had been in an accident on their return trip. She asked me to call some hospitals to find out where he was. There were hundreds of hospitals between home and their destination. I called a few and got nothing. My daughter then told me that they were in a hospital about 45 minutes away. Her, my wife and I took off for this hospital. During the drive we couldn't get any information from the hospitals as they said if someone had come into the emergency room that it would take some time to get them stabalized and entered into the computer. We finally got to the hospital and it was eerie, like a ghost town. No one was around and the lights were off. We looked for anyone and couldn't find anybody so we left for the next nearest hospital. During the drive there my daughter got a call from someone saying that one of the guys had died in the wreck. My daughter was starting to panic. We got to the second hospital and went inside to the emergency room. The lady there said that no one had come in from an accident. My daughter's phone started ringing and they asked to speak to anyone else. I took the phone and stepped outside. The person on the other end said that all 4 young men had passed in the accident. I was in shock. My daughter came out with my wife and I told them I was sorry. Also that none of the young men made it. It seems like a strange world now. I easily get nauseous when I think about them. I sometimes cry and think what if this or what if that. It doesn't change anything. I had grown so close to this young man who worked hard to make my daughter happy. It seems like a vivid nightmare that I or my family is able to wake up from. I pray for comfort for my family to know that he is in a better place than this world could ever be. I also tell this story so that if anyone you love should know that you love them. Of course visitors to this site have likely gone(ing) through the pain of losing a loved one. Tell your people closest to you to please drive carefully and stop and sleep if they get tired.
God bless you.

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Mar 28, 2013
Thank you.
by: Felix

Thank you for your kind words Doreen. It seems like a strange nightmare and that he is just away and will be back soon.

Mar 27, 2013
Tragic Accident
by: Doreen U.K.

Felix I am sorry for your loss of your daughter's fiancé. This is a sudden tragic death. You sound like a very caring father and I am sure you will give your daughter all the support she needs. It is a very difficult road to travel through life now for all of you.
I hope that the days ahead will get easier for you all as to talk and discuss how you are all feeling and to talk openly with each other so that relationships can get better in time.
I hope that your relationship gets better with your wife and that you both can resolve your difficulties. Often a death will put some perspective on a relationship and draw family members together. Often in the light of a loss we find that the quarrels we have with each other are meaningless, and not worth the hurt to each other. I wish you all in your family God's comfort and Peace in your grief.

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