A Lasting Tribute

Tree Memorial

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 "If you seek my
  monument, look around

   ~Arbor Day founder,
        J. Sterling Morton

Plant a memorial tree in memory of your lost loved one...

In planting a tree, you are giving the gift of life back to the earth. This can be a most honorable and appropriate gift of remembrance.

A vibrant, beautiful tree benefits everyone... now and for future generations to come. For this reason, a tree provides a wonderful symbol of the continuance of life while benefiting the earth. Install a bronze plaque with his or her name on it to keep their memory alive for all who see it.

                            memorial tree planting

Good choices for a tree memorial:

  • Oak- the mighty symbol of strength
  • Flowering dogwood- a beloved and beautiful  accent tree
  • Ginkgo- the classic "memory" tree
  • Japanese red maple- a striking accent beauty

                            tree memorial mighty oak tree

These tree kits provide the materials necessary to start your own memorial tree from seed. One of them would make a great project to involve bereaved children, from the starting of seed to the planting of the new tree in a garden ceremony that they help plan.



    Seeds of Life Oak Tree Kit

Ginkgo Tree To Be Kit - Ginko Biloba Tree ...
Flowering Dogwood Tree Kit- Grow Flowering...
Red Maple Arbor Day Tree Kit- Grow Maple T...


If you would like a memorial tree to be planted in a distant location (such as a beloved travel spot), try this company to create an enduring memorial that will grow grander with the years:


If you would like to use your new memorial tree as a focal point for a whole new memorial garden in your yard, visit our PLAN A MEMORIAL GARDEN page.

                                        colorful tree graphic tree of life

                          "He who plants a tree plants hope"
                                                 ~Lucy Larcom

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