Tribute to Our Dad

by Kesia

Praise The Lord! For He is mighty and true.

Dear, Lord, please comfort all who knew, Robert, Sr., our dad. Please continue to lead each one of us in a higher and deeper relationship with You, Lord Jesus.

Dad had many wonderful and extraordinary people in his life. Whenever I recall all the young people in his presence, I never lost sight of the fact and always knew that each child was his child. Relatives, friends, strangers.

He taught us how to lovingly share very well. Every child I have ever known was crazy about dad. He had a nickname for each and every one of them. He lived with a special group of young people. His "children." Brothers and sisters all of us. We three stand here today as a voice of many who love dad.


We thank You, Christ Jesus, for this man. Dad. Thank You, for so many images that rush to mind when we speak his name. We know that without him here, our lives will never be the same. We thank You, Lord, for our memories; for allowing us to hear him so clearly. Thank You, for allowing us to continue to see his face all around us. Thank You, Lord, for dwelling within him for so long. For keeping the songs of praise on his lips. For keeping Your Holy Word in his being.

We will always remember the joys, his love, his smile, those awesome real hugs. We will even remember those days waiting for him to wake-up from those long naps. We know that he knew we loved him while he was here. Time will not weather his presence from our hearts nor our minds. We know that he knows we will always love him.

Thank You, Lord, for stretching out Your arms of OVERFLOWING LOVE to receive dad as he made it home to join that great feast at Your table. We know he HAS joined the PRAISE and CELEBRATION in our Heavenly Father’s House! With all our Love WE say Thank you, Lord, for the time we got to spend with dad!


His children!
The three of us stood together. I read this. My brother spoke about how we would sing a song together the four of us and our youngest brother led us in the song. Our brother read the names of those who have passed on and our dad's name last.


Hope you can follow this: Our dad was a Scout Dog Handler in Vietnam, a career army man who retired from the US Army. There are a bunch of things done in his life good and not so good. He was our dad. We loved him. We miss him.

For me one of the hardest things about losing him to his two year battle with lung cancer was dealing with the grief expressed from our mother (his former wife of 38 yrs) and the misery of his widow (wife of past 2 years).

I do not doubt that everyone loved him and misses him. No doubt! No matter the amount of time spent with him.

His widow wanted nothing of his past. When she and her grown daughters saw the pictures we brought over to share in the OB, they were so excited about who he was as a lil boy, as a young man, as a father, as a soldier

.... this group of people went ballistic at the mention of our mom's name (still his friend)! They did use the pictures. His widow changed our dad's children to include her grown children and their children (2 she said he was adopting). I felt sad for the living dads of her children. Our dad had spoke about these men with respect and love many times to me. He wondered why we couldn't get along better. I told him many times it wasn't from our end.

In their angry outbursts and name callings, his widow spoke of a hate for her own past. I suspect she felt that our dad must have been the same way. I don't know the stories they shared. But I do know that misery loves company. Misery will attract misery. Desperation will remember the bad things said. Greed will do many of these things as well and use them for their favor.

Two days after his burial, she called and wanted to yell at me because she saw a note that I had called the VA. I let her yell. I've seen his widow once since then and gave her a hug but I haven't contacted her. I needed to remember dad with my family.

Since losing him, my younger brother spoke of not being able to remember how dad looked and it made us all very sad. Our mom has seemed to be more afraid of loss/change and I have become upset and frustrated. My other brother has been ... coping. We have cried and grieved. Life still goes on. I pray we don't forget his face. I pray we remember our dad, the man. I pray that his widow doesn't remain in misery. I pray that all who knew our dad loves one another a lil better than before.

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