trouble comes in threes?

by Nadine
(Perris, CA, USA)

Today we lost another of our beloved cats. Sammy was an orange tabby we rescued. He had been hanging around our porch for awhile. He was about 6 months old when we took him in. We got him neutered and he seemed happy as an inside cat. He was always a little skittish but was progressing as he would rub up against us and let us pet him and even pick him up. We had him with us about 10 months. Last night i went outside and didn't close the door tight. It was windy and the wind blew the door open. When i realized what happened Sammy and another cat had already run outside. I was frantically trying to catch them and managed to get one right away but Sammy was spooked and ran off. I kept looking for him everywhere and walked around the block but no sight of him. My husband and i kept an eye out for him all night but finally fell asleep. This morning we again looked for him and unfortunately found him dead on the neighbor's lawn. I'm afraid Sammy got in their yard and their dog attacked him, though i didn't hear anything. I keep telling myself it was an accident that he got out but i feel so bad. He was the third cat we have lost in less than 5 months. Maybe trouble really does come in threes. I know animals can't be compared to humans but now i know somewhat how some on this site feel after they lose one person after another in a short time. It is draining to say the least. Now i have to order another pet memorial stone to put in our yard, next to the other two :( Goodbye Sammy. I'm sorry.

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