True Love Never Dies

by Donna

Two years ago today Bryan and I went shopping at a store called Hot Topic, it is a gothic type store. Bryan used to buy me black t-shirts with fairies on them. He found a shirt in '09 that we both fell in love with. It has a beautiful fairy on the front and on the back in calligraphy lettering is the phrase TRUE LOVE NEVER DIES. That was one of our favorite shirts because it stated what we have known for many years, that True Love Never Dies. At the same time we got matching rings that are engraved with "You're My Haven In Life And Death" on the outside of the ring. I still wear my ring, but I had Bryan's buried with him along with his original wedding ring. I miss Bryan sooo very much every day but especially today. I wore my t-shirt for the second to last time at his funeral. I have told my girls that is the shirt that I want to be buried in. On valentines day he always got me a box of whitman's chocolates, my favorite, which we shared, and white roses (my favorite flower) if he could find them. If not he got white carnations (my second favorite). The white flower symbolized our true, eternal love for each other, even after almost 27 years. Bryan and I had no problem showing everyone how much we love each other. My children hated it when they where growing up. They said that we were to lovey dovey and we needed to stop being that way in public, especially around them. We loved holding hands, hugging, and always had to kiss each other goodbye, occasionally a pat on the butt. Most people said they would have never guessed how long we had been married, because we were so much in love. It was like the longer you were married the less you are supposed to show how much you love each other or even worse you don't love each other. Baby I miss you soooo much, happy valentines day. I will always remember true love never dies and you are my haven even in death. I love you forever until we meet again xxooxx

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Feb 15, 2011
True love never dies
by: M Mack

I can relate to that lovey dovey feeling you had for each other. We kissed all the time. Sometimes we'd be driving somewhere, anywhere and he'd reach for my hand. The best was when he drove me to a baby shower. It was held at a very nice chain restaurant/banquet hall and this place was packed. He parked the car and got out to walk me to the door. Then I got the most passionate kiss. A women passing by looked at me with wide open eyes and I was embarrassed. I told her, a complete stranger, that I loved him so much. She must have seen my heart in my eyes and answered in a very understanding voice "that's so wonderful, I can tell.". I'd give anything to have that moment just one more time....anything. I miss him so.

Feb 15, 2011
True Love
by: TrishJ

I was going through some old Valentine cards (and wedding cards ~ I keep everything). One card said inside "True Authentic Love is a Miracle." I believe it is. Some people never find it. I loved my husband so much ~ many of my friends were jealous of our relationship. My husband and I kissed 10 days a day (in front of the kids ~ always got a GROSS)! I miss him so much. I know he is still with me. We were married for 35 years. No matter what direction my life turns (I'm 58 which is actually young by widow standards) I will always love Joe. I had the best. Valentine's day was tough. He never forgot Valentine's day. I always teased him that I had to pay for my flowers out of my household budget (he always charged them). Valentine's day is for lovers. My love couldn't be with me this year but he will always be in my heart.
Hugs and blessings.

Feb 15, 2011
True Love Never Dies

Even when Paul was sick, strangers would comment how much in Love that we were, that they could tell just by watching us walk and talk.

I have had people tell me that the kind of Love that Paul and I had is now the standard of Love that they expect. I used to get all happy and giddy when he walked through the door even after 15,16,17 years.

I even found myself initially buying DVDs that he would have liked and had to stop myself, remind myself that he was no longer here to enjoy them.

Oh it is so damn lonely without him, But now I can know how lucky I was to have loved him and he to have loved me back for so long. I think that that is progress. I will always Love and Miss him but, somehow the fog and incredible painful grief is just so slightly starting to lift. I hope that for you and all here, that somehow we find a way out of the darkness...

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