Tsunami 2004

by Cathy
(Berkshire, UK)

My sister died when I was 3, in the tsunami in 2004. I can hardly remember her. She died trying to save me. Her arms kept me above the water after the wave came, I felt her arms slip away, I thought that she was coming up, but when she did, she was dead. All we had wanted was a nice family christmas but it ended up as a tradgic event that would change our lives for ever. It's her 17th birthday tommorow, she should still be here, it should have been me. I will never be able to forgive myself. I hate christmas and birthdays, it just brings back bad memories. The wave came and down i went with my whole family including my 2 sisters. I will never be whole again.

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Feb 04, 2013
Tsunami 2004
by: Doreen U.K.

Cathy I stand with you in your sorrow and loss of your sister in this dreadful Tsunami of 2004. You must be 12yrs. of age now. Still so young and time to mature. You should have seen a grief counsellor so that you would be supported so that you do not blame yourself for your loss of your sister. You were in the water so was your sister. Your sister did the only thing she could which was to save you. You were meant to live so don't feel guilty. It is so very difficult to try to understand why some people are saved from a tragedy whilst others are not. You had nothing to do with your sister's death you were only 3yrs. of age. too little to understand what was going on. Just Thank God you lived and enjoy your life whilst honouring your sister by trying to live well. You got the chance to live which means you were meant to be here. It is not unusual to hate Christmas and the holidays and any events that remind you of what happened. This is how we all feel who has lost a loved one. I hope that you have good friends and family to support you at this difficult time of grief and loss. Try and talk to someone and let them know how you feel.

Feb 04, 2013
I am so sorry for your overwhelming and traumatic losses
by: NewFlowerUnfolding

Please know that reading your story made me grieve with you. I actually carried away a piece of your grief with me. The more people who do that, the lighter the burden will become for you. Somehow just knowing that people know what the hell you are trying to get through and that they just need to give you some room to not give a **** about anything else but your sadness for a while, and actually LET you. I feel like everyone who sees me to smile one day is surprised to see me cry half an hour later. Just because I had a moment of small happiness, don't assume I've snapped out of it. That is simply not going to happen!

Feb 03, 2013
You sweet soul
by: Kate

Oh dear one,your sweet soul has suffered. Your sister loved you so much she put you first. Never blame yourself please. You were an innocent child,Remember her love for you and shine for her. I am so sorry you had this tragedy . Love to you.

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