twin sister

by Christi
(South Africa)

I am three minutes older than my sister. Tomorrow it will be a year since she past away of a heart attack we are 45 years. It feels like a part of me died with her she is the whole day in my head. If I think of her tears just roll down my face she was my sister, my friend and I miss her very much. People say I must put it behind me but I have tried but it is impossible how I wish I could only see her one more time

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Aug 11, 2013
Who Am I Now
by: Mary Sweeney

Who am I now, I can not say
I think about you every
I think, I laugh, I cry, I pray
I long to have you back to stay
To lose you was to lose myself,
I know you're in heaven,but this is hell
I'm not the person I used to be,
Without my twin how can I be?
People say they understand,
but in my heart I know they can't
That very special bond twins share,
They never knew it,or know my fear
Such a heavy burden to bear,
The guilt I feel'cause I'm still here
Anger, leading to dispare,lonliness'cause you're not here
Will I ever feel whole again
Will this grieving ever end
I'm full of emptiness within
Lost,alone,a twinless twin

Apr 29, 2013
Closer Than A Brother!
by: Anonymous

Dear Christi! My condolences mam, your not alone in what your going through. I too lost my brother Glenn on mar 15, 2013 9 day's after his 41rst birthday. We are not twin's but, he was my baby brother none the less. I'm 46 just turned 46 in mar. 25, 2013. We were close and when he passed I felt like I wanted to die with him too. He has twin sons, two daughters and his wife. It has only been a few months, but it still hurts. Not as bad as the first moments of knowing he's gone, but still some hurt. In the Bible, says," A friend loves at all times,and a Brother is born for adversity. mentions, "There is a friend that sticks closer than a Brother ". That friend is Jesus Christ. I found comfort with my family and friends but, I needed God to help with the healing process as well as spiritual guidance for myself and our family's. There is no time line in mourning for lost loved one's, neither is there a get over it or get past it solution. We just need to pray to God for direction, guidance and comfort. He'll help us through it all. I know time and prayer will help us along this difficult time but, if we just trust God, we'll be ok. May God comfort you and guide you in time of sorrow, God Bless You, Take care. Try and remember the good times, that helps with the healing. Take care...

Apr 28, 2013
twin sister
by: Doreen U.K.

Christi I am deeply sorry for your loss of your twin sister of 45yrs. who passed away and left you so lonely and broken forever.
I cannot believe that people can be so insensitive and uncaring by telling you to put this death behind you. THEY ARE TERRIBLY WRONG. This was a sister who is in essence YOUR OTHER HALF. You both shared a WOMB TOGETHER. Of course you would wish you had died also and miss her so much. You won't get over this death and loss on your own. YOU NEED HELP AND SUPPORT. It seems you don't have supportive family or friends. The best thing you can do is go and find yourself a good counsellor who you can work with to help you grieve your loss in a safe, protected, and supportive environment where you would be respected and listened to and helped in your grief so you can move forward in a natural way. You may never get over your loss for years. BUT you need to be helped to cope with this terrible pain of grief that is still so raw for you. I lost my husband almost a year ago and I am only just starting to feel my grief and cry more and can't understand why it has come so late. I can't share how I feel with my family as no one understands. They think I am coping. And whilst I am to a great extent. I can't help how I feel also. this is such a cruel way to live. We have to go on in life with such pain. Whilst God is my support. I still feel my Pain. May God help you through this grief and send you the support you need. You may have to go and find some of it. But don't give up Hope. This is all we have.

Apr 28, 2013
You was blessed
by: Anonymous

First i am sorry for the loss of your twin sister. You was very blessed to have your sister in your life even though it was not long enough. You will have too grieve in your own way. No one needs or should tell you to move past it. Sometimes in our lives that happen that change us forever. This is one that has and will change your life. God bless you and know you are not alone. Lorraine

Apr 28, 2013
twin sister
by: Anonymous

dear christi I feel for you ,because I just lost my son his name is
Glenn. He just fell on the gym floor without any warning and never
got up.Like you I felt like part of me just died with my son.It's ok
to cry , you can cry the whole day if you want. I myself I still cry
I get angry, but it is part of our grieving. He was marriied has four
kids and a wife. do not keep from crying because your heart is hurting. you must let it out. Yes my son was 41yrs old but he was
my youngest son, and still consider my baby. To ease my grieving
I visit my son every day and talk to him,like he was alive, and I also
say the rosary. So don't be afraid there are lots of us ,out in the world that are grieving, just like you and me. I hope you feel better
later, and remember we must grieve to heal our pain. You don't have to listen to people who says your going to get better in time.
When your feeling so sad that you think your going to break down
you can cry, all that you want don't be ashame. May God bless you
and keep his arms around you to sooth your pain.

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