I posted 2 weeks ago about finding my cat mitsy dead well we buried her in the garden with a headstone put blue stones and her favourite toy on top with a pink rose in a pot and got a plague done it was real nice someone has destroyed it chucked the stones and things of and took the headstone and rose. also had a wooden cross which has been took to cant belive anyone would be so cruel im distraught by this as are the kids why would any one want to take it it's to much to bear after loosing her only a few weeks

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Jan 01, 2015
miss you
by: Anonymous

It's been 15 weeks since we lost you we redone your burial site found out who destroyed it and turned out to be a so called friend still miss you so much Got a new kitten at Christmas someone give me her as a present but she's not you someone even suggested I name her mitsy and I just can't belive they even thought I could just replace you no one understands the pain of loosing you I cleaned the fish tank few weeks ago and thought of you when you jumped in there I only turned my back for a second to grab the new fish and you was straight in there don't know who was more shocked me or you I miss you so much

Nov 20, 2014
try to forgive them and rebuild it.
by: Barbara

It was truly horrible that someone would be so cruel as to destroy your grave markings for Mitzey. I don't mean to make excuses for anyone but it may have been kids thinking they were just messing up someone's lawn decorations. It's hard to understand this behavior in anyone but there seems to be little respect for others possessions nowadays. My sincerest sympathy on your loss, and I hope you find it in your heart to give another kitten or cat a loving home. They are such wonderful and loving companions. Take Heart and God Bless

Oct 16, 2014
by: Rosanna

I am very sorry this terrible incident happened to Mistry’s grave site. I don’t understand how some people can be so cruel and selfish with no disregard or compassion for anyone else. My parent’s grave site was also vandalized a few years ago. I had made a nice garden with a lot of beautiful flowers and trinkets. Upon returning the next day everything was gone. I was devastated and angry. The gravesite was close to the road so I assumed a selfish neighbor may taken everything. I will never know, but this act of vandalism is cruel especially at someone’s resting place and for the family. My heart goes out to you and your children. Try to do something again. I tried not to let them win me over so I planted more flowers. Then I did a small table top memorial for them in my family room with pictures and candles as I have done so for my little dog that was killed this past spring. I have set up a memorial for him on my sideboard not too far from his favorite place next to the window with lots of his pictures, flowers, candles and little angels to watch over him this is where I talk to him. I hope you find peace and comfort for your loss of Misty.

Oct 08, 2014
by: Nadine

You are right. It was a cruel thing to do to disturb Mitsy's resting place. What possible motive could these people have? You will probably never know. I would be angry if it happened to me but possibly feel sorry for them too because they don't have compassion. I hope you and your family can remember her maybe in another way.

Oct 08, 2014
by: Jane

People who do something like this, have much of Anger inside there selfs. This does not excuse what they did, it shell only help to understand. They see all the beautiful things you have give for your death cat, that shows them all the love, makes them jellous, because they think, "nobody would do this for me." Nobody loves me.".So they just kicked the love away. They cannot understand, how People can love a cat so much, because they have never felt this love. But in their heart, they can feel this big longing for this love. I am so sorry for you. You can go to the Police or try to make another beautiful Memory for your cat. These People, who do something like this, are very poor, but I can understand your big pain in your heart, because I have lost a wonderful cat too. Maybe you will try it one more time. I´ll pray for you. Love Jane

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