unusual position--Max--my sons dog

Max at his prime

Max at his prime

I find myself in an unusual position.My son is having his 14 yr old Golden Retriever put to sleep today.He has had the dog since birth.The owners of the parents lived with him at the time.A couple of yrs ago he was attacked by another dog and lost a chunk of muscle where his tail joined his back.My son has had him to the vet twice and doctored him religiously.Saturday he seemed his usual self.Sunday he hardly moved and wouldn't eat.He took him to the vet early this am.The wound on his tail had not ever completely healed and it seems that when Max was weak flies laid eggs in the wound.The vet said that even if they got everything fixed he had about a 40% chance of living much longer.Since he was very old my son is allowing him to leave this earth in a gentle way.I have tears running down my face.Not so much for Max, although I will miss him, but for my son.He is hurting so bad and I see his red eyes but being a quiet introverted man he will not let me see his grief or help him with it.Max was a friendly loving pet.Rest in peace Max.

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Sep 23, 2013
Beautiful Max
by: Diane

I know we grieve so much when our furbabies die, it is not less because they are not human, and sometimes more because we are closer to them than any human. Your son is grieving, and we must all do this in our own way and in our own time. I know I greatly appreciated the concern and the condolences from my family, and one of the most loved gesture was one my husband had made for me. He took a picture we had taken of my beloved Chrissy and took it to a printing company who made up a picture of her and a rainbow. To the side was a copy of the 'Rainbow Bridge'. I still cry when I see it, but I know your son would appreciate it, as I do. I pray Max is at peace and that your son will remember the good times and not these sad days. God Bless.

Sep 23, 2013
unusual position--Max--my sons dog
by: Doreen

What a beautiful dog. So handsome. I am so sorry for your loss of Max and for the pain your son is in. As a Mom we want to rescue our children and take away their pain. But the positive thing about Pain is that when we go through it and healing takes place we find ourselves much stronger. I rescued my son often from pain and I found out it is better to stand in the shadows and just let your son know you are there for him. Leave the door open. But don't rush in to help him. You will suffer a BOUNDARY INJURY as I did. We have to remember we all have boundaries. When we lose a person/pet it is the worst pain ever. We wonder how we can recover from such pain. But we do. I hope in time your son will get another dog for him to love in his Adult years. You/He will always have the memories of Max forever. But pets are for loving and this love should go on. We just have to learn to hold our loved ones and pets loosely. It will be easier when we lose them.

Sep 17, 2013
by: judith in California

Let your son know you know how painful this is for him and tell him it's alright to grieve . It doens't make him weak it make him human.
It's most painful to loose a pet in anyway. I had to put 5 pets down all within 1 yr and 8 months. They all had some disease they would never recover from. Bless your son's heart for not allowing Max to suffer. It is a most selfless act of love.

Sep 17, 2013
about Max and your Son
by: Anonymous

Loosing a pet is just like loosing a family member. The same grief steps are there.

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