*~*Waiting On The Train*~*

by Tami
(Ranson, WV)

In movies, there are scenes where someone has had enough...

They pack their bags and head to the train station.

They buy a ticket to go as far away as they can with all the money they have.

You'll see them sitting on a bench waiting and waiting and waiting.....

Sitting up tall, on the edge of the bench and they never take their hand off their bag!

You'll see them sitting there train after train...waiting for their train to arrive.

They are so ready to go and there is no turning back.

There are the movies that make you wish someone would show up and stop them.

Or make you wish they would change their mind and not go.

But in this movie...

When you see them waiting in earnest to take the greatest journey they've ever dreamed of...

You have to want that train to show up as much as they do.

You have to want them to find their peace, joy and love.

You have to...watch them go.

Know that their destination is what they've looked forward to all their life.

Know that one day your train will arrive and you will be reunited.

We don't know when our train will come...

But for those who've lived long, lived well and are ready to go...

They await with a reverence for the life they leave.

Knowing it is simply and joyfully their time to go.

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Aug 27, 2013
to Anonymous
by: Tami

I'm sorry to hear of your loss...decades ago I lost someone suddenly and know the greater difficulty it brings to grieving. I'm grateful for your comment as it brings full circle what I set out to do when I decided to share my writing. God bless you on your journey through grief.

Aug 27, 2013
Thank you
by: Anonymous

Thank you for sharing those precious words about Waiting on the Train.

I have lost someone I loved very much, and he wasn't ready, and I wasn't ready however he has gone forever now until one day when my Train comes and we meet again in Heaven.

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