Wayne I'll love you forever!!!!!!

by Terry
(Denham Springs, LA)

My name is Terry, Wayne and I were married 9-28-74 we were so happy. Five years later we were blessed with a son, and 1 1/2 years later a daughter, our family was complete. When the children were 4 & 6, Wayne found out he had sarcoidosis, he went into remission about 6 months later. Then on Dec. 18, 1988 I get a call from his works saying he was coming home but he had broken his foot. Come to find out no broken bones, not even a scratch. A month later he threw 2 blood clots in the leg. By 2 months after the accident they never spoke of going back to work. He ended up having 4 weeks IV antibiotics, 107 treatments of hypobarics, 8 lumbar blocks, 2 epidural injections, finally after 2 1/2 years we had a amputation. When home one day back to er blood clot in lung, and then pneumonia. In 1999 he was having chest pains, here we go the doctor admitted him on the spot, our daughter was graduating from high school the next day. That was the day of a heart cath, then on Monday aortic valve replacement. Then 11 days in the hospital he got to come home, in a amblulance, we had steps, no more steps, he used his wheelchair, had to build a ramp. July 6, 2010, he woke up with a backache er that backache was cancer, the doctor said it was the worse or the worse, Cholangiocarcinoma ( bile duct cancer)the chemo. The doctor never told us what stage, how long, people say you didn't ask, everything we had been through no doctor was dishonest with us. Jan 20, 2010 he woke up throwing up blood, er, 3 days in ICU, 4 weeks in the hospital. A different doctor came in and told me we needed to move to hospice, I said OK, My mental shape was so bad I couldn't think of the impossible, I just thought it was another part of our journey. It was February 17, 2010 my Wayne, my love, when to see Jesus.
I still have problems focusing, writing skills, thinking of words that are to go in a sentence, memory, there's a lot more I go through than I ever can remember. I made a telephone call in the middle of the night, didn't remember it at all. The other night I was baking a cake, fell asleep, I think between Jesus and Wayne they woke me up, smoke all in the house, no smoke alarm, can't afford one. Another morning I left my curling iron on, apparently I knocked it off, hit the carpet and was burning that when I noticed the light on the floor, Wayne and Jesus again.

I don't think I'll ever get over the pain, the mental pain and problems, I'm seeing a therapist weekly and I go to hospice group weekly. We never talked about death after all that we had gone through, that subject never came up. I miss so much he's my best friend, he understands me, we were together for ever and ever.

We never spoke of finances, the house income dropped 2100 a month, I don't make enough to pay my bills, much less eat, and pay for my 15 prescriptions. No extras at all!!!!!

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May 05, 2012
Grieiving Debbie
by: Debbie's Husband

I lost my wife 6 weeks ago to a 5 year battle with cancer, she was truly my best friend, we were married FEB 73'. I had 5 years to prepare for this and had no idea of the pain of losing your spouse. I've lost both parents, and my older brother and it doesn't touch it. The only thing that has helped is my faith in GOD, my church, family and good friends. Everyone I know that has been in long term marriages and lost their spouse says it gets better with time. I pray it does for you.

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