We as Parents.

by Sandy

We as Parents …..

We cling to each other
No words need to be spoken between us

We feel the loss deep inside
Our arms encircle each other trying to will strength

We sit in silence yet our hearts speak as one
It is a deep hurt that as parents only we can feel

We hold each other and remember
The baby, child, and adult that you were

We miss you so in the depths of our souls
There was no time for goodbyes, no last hugs

We never wanted to feel this pain and yet it is here
Thanking the Lord we have each other

We think about you everyday -
Some memories spoken some kept inside

We lost of part of oursleves the day you died
Our son we mourn your loss together

We as Parents…………….

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Apr 05, 2012
Caleb's mom
by: lynnette

Caleb died in the line of duty on July 7, 2011 in Mineral Wells, Texas working as a Hotshot firefighter. When the knock came on the door at 11:35 p.m., a piece of us died that day as well. And now, after some investigations have taken place, to know he was left alone, not on the line as the BLM said he was. We found out he fell in a ravine and died. The BLM said he fell within sight of another firefighter, not true. Why do people think it is okay to lie? Our poor baby, who started his life at only 3 1/2 pounds. What a fighter in all ways he was. When does this horrible crushing pain go away? It's like a black cloud is over me every day, all day long. I listen to people complain about their day, and I think, if that is all you have to complain about, my god, you have it lucky. To never hold him again, to never see his smile, to never have him chase me around the house after firefighting season was over, wanting me to smell his nasty smelling clothes, and laughing when I would gag at them. People mean well, say time heals. I don't think so. It just hurts. Whenever he would hug me goodbye, he would whisper in my ear "you are my favorite mom". To never ever hear that again just tears my heart and soul. We tried for 3 years just to get pregnant. I can't stand life without him, can't even see the use.

Feb 15, 2012
Why can't I heal?
by: danielsmom

I lost my precious son Daniel on Oct. 12, 2010. He was 25. It hurt so badly for so very long, and then I thought I was doing better. But now, a year and a half later, I'm falling back into the terrible pain I felt those first months. I don't know when I'll feel whole again. It is as if I walk around with a huge chunk gouged out of my body. It hurts, and I don't have any hope that I'll ever move out of this terrible zone of pain. All I want is to wrap my arms around my son again.

Jan 21, 2012
always in our hearts
by: Anonymous

Your poem is beautiful and it speaks out what I feel inside since losing my son a year ago. Never a day goes by that I don't think of him wherever I go and whatever I do. I'm so grateful to find a place to share my thoughts and not feel so alone.


Jan 20, 2012
as one
by: kay

I read your heartfelt words and think.....Your words are my words.your pain is my pain...we share so much although we and so many other parents have never met ,we are connected in a way we never ever imagined.When I hear of another heartbroken parent my heart aches for them and for myself and all the other parents who have lost a child,no matter what age.I am truly sorry for the loss of your son.I also lost my son in 2010.I am thinking of you and send you love and healing.Our sons will live forever in our hearts..we also have so many wonderful memories .Thankyou for sharing your beautiful words.xxx

Jan 20, 2012
by: Ruth from DE

Thank you. I lost my adult son on June 4th, 2010. He was 26 years old. He would have been 28 on January 14th. So many things are missed about my Michael. Not getting to hug him and wish him a Happy Birthday really hurts. God Bless you in the grief that you have for the loss of your child. There truly is no way to fill the hole in our hearts since they left. the best we get from here on is maybe we have a good day here and there. If you think about it, how could it be any other way? After all they have our hearts with them as we gave them away to them when they were born. I take comfort in being able to reach out to other parents and let them know, you are not alone on this terrible journey.......please email me if you want to speak further. rmattucci40@hotmail.com

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