We lost our precious little Bear yesterday...

Yesterday we tragically lost our family pet, a tea cup Yorkie, called Bear.

I bought Bear for my daughter's (Mikayla) birthday when she was 15. We already had one dog (Nikko) which was sort of mine and my sons and I was not looking forward to another pet, especially a small dog. I guess b/c I always had big dogs who were mainly outside, I didn't think I would like a small inside dog. Eventually, Mikayla wore me down and we bought her a tea cup Yorki which she named "Bear".

Bear was a perfect name for this little guy b/c I genuinely think he thought he was as ferocious as a bear. He was full of personality and spunk (probably enough for a small family of Yorki's!) and always ready to play or take a nap which was the trademark of his personality

We got Bear in the late Spring and we all played a part in training him not to pee inside. Personally, I quickly started to love the little guy. Since I worked from home he quickly grew into my heart while my wife was at work and my kids were at school.

We had our little routine in the day. Every morning he hear me wake up and would come up and paw at my feet while I was brushing my teeth. Also, whenever any of came home he would get SO EXCITED and greet everyone when they came home from school or work. He was so special.

One thing that was odd about him was he would run up to you to greet you but he wouldn't let you grab him, which became frustrating at times. However, he would run up to us and roll over for a belly rub and we quickly learned to say "Belly Rub" and then he would roll over and let us scratch him and pick up for some loving and cuddling. So, I guess you could say he taught us a trick!

It took Nikko awhile to warm up to Bear but just like Mikayla wore me down, Bear wore down Nikko's "indifferent" behavior and they became furry buddies. Bear would spend hours nipping at his face and pulling at his coat and then snuggle up next to him for a little nap in the late morning. They also loved playing catch w/the tennis ball. It was funny how they would play b/c Nikko being bigger would always get the ball first and then Bear would run after him and chase him until Nikko finally stopped to share the tennis ball.

The tragic part is that we don't have any real closure with the loss of Bear b/c we're not sure how he died. Yesterday morning about 6:30am I let Bear and Nikko outside to go to the bathroom while I was unloading the dishwasher and making coffee. A few minutes later I called for them to come back but only Nikko retuned. By 7:00 my wife and kids and myself were out looking for Bear but we could not find a trace of him. No collar, no body, nothing. So, by 2:00 it started to sink in that we really had lost our little precious Bear. We suspect he was taken by a coyote or a hawk or owl.

My family is devastated and personally I'm having a very difficult time comprehending this loss. But this website, recover from grief is helping me. My sister sent me a nice poem called the "The Rainbow Bridge" which helped. It about a special place in heaven where pets go until they can reunite with their owners.

I like to think that God made Bear just for us and we were very blessed to have spent some time with him. I also like to think that he's in Heaven now with Seve (who passed away 2 years ago and looks identical to Nikko) and now Bear has a friend and they are both playing with each other and wresting with a tennis ball and napping together and maybe playing with a little boy and/or girl that loves him just as much as we did.

I will miss playing with Bear and his toys. I will miss how he would snuggle between my legs when I was working on my laptop on the couch. I will miss how he loved to dig thru my snack bags for any crumbs and how he would greet me when I came home. Most of all I will miss holding him against my chest and his licks on my face and neck when he would snuggle up to give me his love and affection.

My heart goes out to anyone that has loved and lost a pet like we did this week and I hope this story helps in your healing process.


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Jun 17, 2015
Bear and my little guy
by: Paola

As soon as I saw the picture of Bear, my heart lit up because he looks so similar to my little guy who passed away on Sunday, Franklin. He too, thought he was ferocious and would go crazy with joy when we would arrive home. He also had that "issue" where he would jump at your feet and yet not want to be picked up but would love belly rubs and neck kisses :)
I am so sorry on how you lost your little guy, I think not knowing what happened has to be devastating. I had to watch my boy seize before he died but he was at my side which brought my some closure. This site also helped me, as not too many people know how difficult it is to loose a fur baby. May we all heal, and may we some day find the peace to maybe get another Yorkie as they are one of a kind!

Feb 24, 2015
Memorial Video of our Little Bear...
by: Saul

Many thanks to anyone who has responded to my posting about losing our little Bear. This website has really helped me to understand and process this recent loss. I also made a little video of Bear and it really helped me w/the grieving process and thought I would share it with this group. Here's the link:



Feb 24, 2015
precious little Bear
by: Nadine

Saul, i am so sorry that you lost your beloved Bear. One thing that crossed my mind reading your story is i've heard Yorkies are a breed of dogs that are coveted by thieves. Did you let Bear outside in the front where someone could have taken him? If he was indeed taken by a coyote i know how you must feel. That is what i fear happened to one or two of my beloved cats. I miss them still. My only comfort is the little memorial i have set up outside in our backyard for them. I know it is hard to find closure this way but in time you will learn to accept it. In sympathy, Nadine

Feb 20, 2015
Beautiful Precious Bear
by: Mary

Hi Saul your story brought tears to my eyes. I'm so sorry you lost Bear in the circumstances that you did. It's so hard not to have closure. I lost my 7 year old Staffordshire Bull Terrier to pancreatitis/blood clot on the lung. She died at the university vet hospital 100 miles from where I live. I have beaten myself up for not being with her when she passed. I was devastated not to be able to say goodbye and hold her one more time. As the day's have gone by I realised we just don't have control over everything no matter how hard we try its out of our hands. We do our best for our furry companions. I hope that your heart starts to heal and you and your family find peace. Remember all the good times you had with Bear he was special but you were so special to him too.x

Feb 20, 2015
We lost our precious little Bear yesterday......
by: Doreen UK

Saul I am so sorry for your loss of Bear. Such a beautiful darling dog. I am crying with you at the moment as I remember when my special birds (cockatiels) flew out of the cage on the coldest day of the winter. He wouldn't have survived in that cold. I still wonder about him as one does when they go missing.
Then I remember my love bird climbing the cage and struggling having gone blind in one eye. I reached in and cupped him in my hands and told him I loved him. And then he died. I never cried so much. I cared for my birds at the time of caring for my husband slowly dying of a deadly cancer. I nursed him for over 3yrs. and lost him 3yrs. ago. Along came a white bird who sat on our fence before diagnosis. This bird I knew was sent to comfort us as we got the worst news ever of a hopeless cancer that took 40yrs. to develop from the first exposure to cutting asbestos in the workplace.
That white fan tailed bird which I see as an angel stayed with us for the 3yrs. of the cancer journey and 1.5yrs after my husband died. 4 1/2 yrs. Now that is my miracle. No bird would be so outstanding and come down to the feeding table every day for 4 1/2 yrs. He is gone now and I miss my darling bird who comforted us all as a family.
Bear was probably sent into your life for a purpose. Even if it was only to be loved and give you love in return. Those memories will be priceless. Grieve and then open your heart for another pet. This is the cycle of life in giving and receiving Love. Your experience Blessed me and I tell you mine so that you will feel the comfort that we felt from having a pet to Love. Best way to heal is ONE DAY AT A TIME. Best wishes.

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