We lost two brothers in our family in farm accidents.

by Mary D Wipf
(Tea, SD 57064 US)

My brother Bennett was killed at the age of twelve in a farm accident. My parents never recovered from that tragedy, and to make matters much worse, my parents found my brother at the scene of the accident. Ben was a great kid and loved working on the farm.

My parents had ten children, seven boys and three girls. Our family life went downhill fast after that tragedy. Our parents turned to alcohol to cope with the pain of losing a child, the rest of us got lost along the way somehow. We went from a very loving family to completely falling apart as a family unit.

At the age of 37 my brother Sam was killed in an accident, my dad arrived at the scene only to see my brother had not survived the accident. Sam was easy going, hard working. He had a lifetime of struggles and heartbreak. My family has never been the same since. We are all coping the best we can on our own, no family connection left.

This is a sad, sad story. Thank you for reading our story.

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Nov 19, 2012
We lost two brothers in our family in farm accidents.
by: Doreen U.K.

Mary I am so sorry for your loss of 2 brothers. YES! Yours is a sad sad story of a very functional close family unit fractured due to a death. I always post this same sad fact of how death can blow a family apart and cause the family to become dysfunctional.
Parents coping with the death of a child/adult child often cannot cope with the loss and become dependent on alcohol to cope. The children as you say become distant and somewhat lost in all the grief that the Adults are struggling with and are unable to move forward. The children can then become co-dependent and the family then become estranged from one another, which often starts the decline of the family.
I have just observed what a death does to a family since I lost my husband 6 months ago to cancer and I would never have thought my family would separate and become estranged. I find it very difficult and sad going through life now. Just when you are starting to pick up, another tragedy occurrs and you find yourself starting the process all over again.
I am sorry for this loss of relationship within your family that has caused the divisions in your family. You are not ALONE. This is quite a common problem now and you are not an isolated case. This is why I advocate that families try grief counselling as it does work and if tackled quite early on in a loss the family can become stronger and get back on track. Families relate better when they are supported.

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