We made it, thank you

by Donna

A few days ago we had some really nasty weather hail/tornado warnings in our county. We live in a doublewide mobile home right in tornado alley. It was so horrible. The first night we were at Walmart shopping and my youngest daughter called and hysterically said to get home now there were tornados headed our way. She was terrified, she was home alone with only our animals. We got home and got her and her dog Ludo (great pyranees) and got to Walmart. Fortunately the three grandbabies were already in the truck from the trip to Walmart before. It had already started raining really badly, I couldn't see to get onto the road, my oldest daughter rolled down her window to tell me I could go. By the time we got to Walmart the wind was so strong it was hard to keep Bryan's truck on the road (dodge 1500 sxt with v8). When it started hailing Ludo was so scared that he was trying to climb into the back with Leigh, Doug, and the three boys. We finally got to Walmart, Doug got out and grabbed a basket to put the big boys in and Leigh ran into the store with them. In the mean time Doug got Bryan (the baby) and I got Samantha in her wheelchair, I had to drag Ludo out of the truck while Samantha went into the store. My oldest daughter had forgotten the baby bag so she was headed back to the truck when I was about halfway to the store. Right as she got into the store the hail went from marble size to golf ball size. We were all soaked but safe. The whole way to the store I just kept praying to God to please keep us safe, and to Bryan to help keep me calm and make the right decisions as to what to do and where to go. The storm finally passed and we went home. The next day I had to go to the bank and then stopped and got a drink and the young man who waited on me said that a storm that was supposed to hit around 6:15. So I called my girls and told them I was going to come home instead of the store and what I had been told. They turned on the radio and said to go ahead and go to the store. So I did, I got to the back of the store to get milk and a former co-worker told me about the storm and said that it was supposed to be as bad as the one the night before. So I headed out to the truck and as soon as I got into the truck my daughter called. I got home and we got everyone and everything together and went back to the store. This time it was not as panicky as it was the night before. I thank God that everyone and everything at my home were kept safe. I also thank Bryan for helping me to stay calm and know what to do and where we needed to go. Bryan was always the one to be calm in any crisis we have ever encountered. He always knew what to do to keep us safe. I'm so thankful that my prayers were heard. I am once again reminded of the awesome power of God, both good and destructive. As always I go one step one breath one day at a time. I miss you so much and I love you always Bryan.

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May 03, 2011
by: TrishJ

Thank God for you and you family Donna. As I watched the news of the tornado coverage I felt anxiety rising again. So many others weren't as fortunate. I'm so happy to hear you are all safe.
Even though you are missing Brian this is a huge sign that you must go on ~ and find some happiness.

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