we only value things when they are lost.... Why?

by zoey
(Canada )

My Grand father who 89 Years of age passed away today it saddens me as he was in Pakistan and I had migrated to Canada two years ago. I always thought that he is an active person who still has some years left in his life and it will give me a chance to see him one more time as I planned to visit him in a year or so but sadly last night I got the news from my sister that he has passed away.
I feel so guilty and sad no one can understand it because most of the relatives weren’t even close to him except me as I was his most favorite child in the family and he was the nicest to me out of all my cousins he took me for walk in my pram daily got me candy everyday made sure I never got scolded for my naughtiness around the house.
Its just sad that how busy my life had gotten ever since I came here to Canada I kept stressing over things like how to get my documents done how to get a job what to study get a mortgage I was so consumed in my own life that somewhere I had forgotten that there was this man in my life who was so important to me he threw such amazing birthday parties every year till I became fifteen and thought I had enough of the childish birthdays.

I hate myself for not being able to spend time with him he was so literate and educated honest man.
We had a servant who was a child who helplessly asked my grandfather to give home work or else his family would die of hunger as in Pakistan poverty in a big issue. My Grandpa said ‘’ sure I will give you work but I have a deal to make with you before I hire you’’ the kid said’’ what???’’
And my Grand pa asked him to be home schooled till such time he completed high school and then later go get a degree . Today that boy is an engineer because my Grandpa taught him every single day from that day onwards till he was 18.
That boy left our house at the age of 18 to peruse engineering and became and engineer till this day he cant thank him enough.
But the sad bit is that his own children never gave him that respect the only one who slightly understood him was me I love him to pieces today he passed away and I couldn’t even make it to his funeral as I am unemployed don’t have the finances to go I feel so many things at this hour I didn’t know what to do or whom to speak when I just found this blog hence I am posting my story.

My Grandpa was a teacher and he even taught tuitions after he retired he believed education is the only key to success he wasn’t very religious but he was the kindest man ive known I hope he goes to heaven.

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Oct 11, 2012
Don't be sad
by: Jennifer

I know it's easy to say but hard to do.. Don't be sad.. You know I'm going through a grief myself but I always tell myself that heaven is better than earth trust me your grandfather is probably at peace feeling loved and just waiting for his family to join him one day you will see him trust me its not the end and one day you will be able to hug him and tell him how much you love him trust me we are not immortal.. You just be happy no matter your situation don't cry be happy money isn't everything do what you want to do and remember your grandfather is always there with you talk to him he will hear you. I hope I help a little good luck.. And God bless zoey.

Oct 03, 2012
When they are lost
by: Louisa Okoro

Dear zoey,

I understand you. My parents helped me to raise my 4 kids and were very much involved in their lives. My father passed on in 2010 at the age of 98 and my kids and I are still griefing. My baby in the US could not go see my dad before leaving Nigeria and my other son had not taken his daughter to see my dad before his passage and this makes it harder for both of them. They are full of "if only'. There was nothing you could have done considering your circumstances. Your comfort is that you loved and still love and appreciate him, hold on to his legacy for he lived a fulfilled life. God be with you

Oct 02, 2012
we only value things when they are lost....Why?
by: Doreen U.K.

Zoey I am sorry for your loss of your very special grandfather. Your grandfather lived to a good age. We rear our children to become independent and successful in finding their own way in life and be happy. This is not wrong. We either give up our own life. or dedicate this to our aging relatives. Your grandfather would have gotton more joy out of knowing you were living a life that had meaning to you and help you become independent. It is unfortunate you don't have a job or the means to go back home for the funeral. Your grandfather put skills into other people by becoming a MENTOR to them. You can go through life and carry on your grandfather's legacy to others by also being a MENTOR. It will hurt for some time. It is painfull to lose someone so special from our life. You will go on to Bless others as your grandfather did. We value things when they are lost because we are not perfect people. We take things for granted. this is our human nature. WE process things differently when someone dies.
Sand gets into the oyster shell. The more the irritant the greater the pearl develops inside. this is what it is like in life. We are like
precious PEARLS created from the irritants of life we go through. Become the PEARL that your grandfather created in you.

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