Welsh dragon dad

by Rebecca vokins
(Bristol uk )

Lost my dad 3wks ago and the funeral is 2morro :( dad was 66 and suffered from mnd which was a terrible disease but sadly this wasn't the reason he passed away , dad went to hospital to have a food peg put in but had a few failed a temps to get it fitted , dad when in Friday & passed away on the weds at 10.24 at night he had picked up pneuma :( at 6,30 he went into a coma and was struggling for his life it was heart breaking seeing him gasping for air :( I was chatting to him at 6 then watching him slip away in front of me I'm 28 and feel he was my world he showed me so much of the world he loved his rubgy being welsh and me and dad had a bit of a geeky habit of weather & plane spotting lol were all wearing red for the funeral I've put a bottle of welsh whiskey in his coffin when I viewed him I can say his shell was there but he wasn't felt like he moved to happier worlds. I'm hoping his just in the stars or clouds with his brothers who all 3 of them died this year too :( dad I love you loads an miss you seeing your slippers by your chair saddens me but your be pleased to know I'm looking after your veggie patch while you provide the sun :) we will meet again love you dad xxx becca 28 Bristol uk

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Aug 13, 2014
sorry for your loss
by: welshlady

such an awful time, I lost my dad april 29th 2014.
he was 84 and had been poorly since the previous November, started with shingles on his forehead, then pneumonia a few times, the latter months he was fed through a peg.
hurt so bad, life seems to be going on around me, days and weeks are passing...but the pain seems to be getting stronger,
I miss him.

Jul 31, 2014
Thinking of you.
by: Anonymous

So sorry to hear of you loss, Becca.
I lost my mum 6 weeks ago - and not a moment goes by when I don't think of her... I know you'll be hurting so much right now - but please know you're not alone with your grief. Grief can seem a very lonely experience.
Finding this site has really helped me- it has some wonderful suggestions.
My family are also Welsh - my Mum had a welsh scarf around her neck in the coffin, and we had Calon Lan playing at the funeral. I love the idea of yours.
Thinking of you. x

Jul 29, 2014
Welsh dragon dad
by: Doreen UK

Rebecca I am so sorry for your loss of your dad so quickly. One just doesn't know what is going to happen when they go into hospital. You can even die of an infection. We live in worrying times. When someone gets ill our health services are declining. I am just across the border to you in Middlesex England but still the U.K. so know how you feel losing your dad in a hospital where the care has declined. Even a DNR is put in place now for most people. Not to be resuscitated.
My husband died of cancer 2yrs. ago and he developed pneumonia. He fell down in the garden and couldn't move on a cold night and lay there for 45minutes. The ambulance would only come if you mention the patient has breathing difficulties. They took too long to come and so my husband developed pneumonia on top of his deadly cancer he was dying from. My husband was 65yr. Sad to lose one's life at an age when retirement was a Blessing one is robbed of. Life is never the same after losing loved one's. You are young and will probably make your own history now, but the sadness is not having your father here to be part of it. My Adult children will also have this problem after losing their father. Take time to grief and heal and you will recover in time.

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