What is Going On?

by Terri
(Marietta, GA)

I keep getting phone calls from the local coroner's office asking me questions about the days leading up to my husband's death. They want to know information that I can only assume they should already know if an autopsy was performed. I am finding out that only blood was taken by the GBI and because they do not see anything unusual in those results they keep turning to me for answers. It has been over 3 months since his death and I am coming to the conclusion that I may never find out what killed him. I understand that his death took place during a major snow/ice storm but that is no excuse for not performing an autopsy on a man 50 years old and no apparent cause of death. I only assumed they would have done a full autopsy but I guess they didn't feel it necessary. I know that having the cause of death will not bring him back but it would answer questions that I have had since he died. Could I have done something to prevent this? Did he suffer? I may never get answers to these questions and that is very hard for me to accept.

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Apr 24, 2011
You have rights as a widow too.

It is my understanding that an autopsy is done if there is evidence of foul play. All questions surrounding your husbands death should have been done at the time of his death. Get a police report and all medical records from the hospital and find out what they say. (If your strong enough.)

It appears that the authorities are late in following up on what occurred that day. As far as you finding out what happened, I am not sure whether it helps us in the grieving process or not. Is there ever closure?

I have a cause of death on the death certificate yet do not really know what happened the day my husband died. Asking questions a year later when I thought myself strong enough only brought me a visual of what happened and with that much pain.

Start asking questions. You have the right to know why they are asking questions 3 months later that cause you pain again.

Widows have rights. We are so emotionally weak from bereavement that we do not ask. Just as auto mechanics etc. take advantage of our widowhood.

We must stand up for ourselves and not let people take advantage of us. All my best in your quest for truth and hoping for the strength to do so.

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