what to do how do i move on

at 12 i meet him i new i loved him from the moment i meet him but he was older then me and we were not aloud to be together we still did see each other when we could he gave me a tape he had put the words love you forever and ever again on it the song that makes me think of him the most on that tape was i alone by live given the ages of us both it was not aloud but still we tried to see each other i still got butterfly's every time i saw him even 5 years later but of course my life lead me 1 way his another but i always got a sign that i was gonna see him and with out a dealt i would and i could always feel the same as the 1st day i meet him at 1255am on sat the 15th of march i was laying down having a smoke and the 1st thing i said to my lil bro is somethings happened to Craig or im gonna see him my bro didn't believe me and i couldn't understand why i said something was gonna happen every-night after that he was in my dreams they seemed so real not like dreams my partner at the time came home tues morning and said you no bla bla ae and i said yup he then said he died in a car crash at 5 ta 1 sat morning i didn't believe it come 9 am i wanted to kill my self the only reason i didn't is coze i was preg with my girl or i would of months i dreamed of him 2 weeks ago i got what he said to me tattooed on my back with hearts and wings i love him and miss him heaps i wish i had died night him its been just over 10 years since he died and it still hurts so bad i don't no what to do i don't no how to move past it i still cry for him im 28 now i need my life back i need to love again he was taken before we could try he was taken before i was ready i no he still with me ive seen his ghost he wants me to move on he wouldn't want me like this but how do i do it im confused and still in love hole heartily with my sole mate please help

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May 02, 2013
I am so sorry
by: Steffy

I lost my husband 15 months ago, he was 21 when he was killed and I was 7 months pregnant with our first child.

there are no words for how you feel, there is nothing that anyone can say to make you feel better, you are allowed to always love him and miss him and remember him and cry for him don't let anyone tell you differently.

You have given it time and if you feel ready then move on that doesn't mean you have forgotten him or your feelings have changed for him it just means your lonely and deserve happiness.

I truly hope you find it, you deserve it,
and I am so sorry again, Pain is real and I don't know when it ends, My life is upside down and I have a 13 month old and I am only 21 and already a widow... life is unfair but we have to move forward but never forget our past because are past is so strong and beautiful.

Good luck im always here if you need to talk

May 02, 2013
what to do how do I move on?
by: Doreen U.K.

You had a childhood sweetheart relationship that blossomed into Love. You never forget your first love. For you it was that you never stopped loving him and was suddenly thrown into losing him to death at such a young age. You are now mature and finding perhaps grief pressing on you for resolution. You could benefit greatly by seeing a grief counsellor who will help you to move forward. You have repressed your grief for 10yrs. and this is why you are broken by it. Moving on takes TIME. You seem to have lost the last 10yrs. of your life mourning your loss but not getting past the grief. Perhaps you got stuck into grief and so didn't bother anymore. You shut it out because it was too painful. You are now ready to move on but don't know how to. You are now ready to move on with your life and find love again, counselling will help you to LET GO of your first love so that you can love again in a healthy way. You will get your life back after grief. It just takes time. Don't lose another 10yrs. just thinking and not doing anything to help yourself move forward.

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