When it rains it pours

by Jensi
(Abilene, Tx)

As soon as I got back home after Christmas, everything started. First with little things... My heat going out then one of my dogs injured herself an the other jumping through a glass window to get to her. The vet bill alone was over a grand.
Then I find out my mom( who is only 60) is in a nursing home after DHS reported finding her walking the streets a block from her house lost. She has demensia, possible growing tumor in we brain and going through psychiatric treatment.
Then my x step brother whom found out about my mom being in a nursing home, broke into my moms house an proceeds to load stuff up. I had to call a deputy out to put a stop to it. I'm a state away. We then have the state put a lean against the property seeing as how everything is being paid by Medicaid.
This last two weeks, I find out that my grandma in Washington passed away. I talked to her two days prior. This is my mothers mom and she went through dialysis last year. She had kidney failure :( . Then I get a call from my dad, he had some swelling in his head after Christmas. The doctors found a tumor at the top of his stomach and it's wrapping around to his back. He is being stubborn about wanting help and is barely communicating with us about it. He will be 70 this year.
More problems with my mom, her doctor says she is fine and she can be released any time. The nursing staff is trying to help is out by not letting my mom find out. If she found out then she would try and leave and she is not medically capable of taking care o herself or has a house to go to. Adult Protective Services is now involved because of one of her " bad days" in accusing a nurse of twisting her arm. So now APS and the doctor have different opinions on my mother staying in the nursing home and we have no control over the situation.
Also, my dad has been taking care of my grandma ( his mom) who is 89 and has Alzheimer's. With his medical issues we are now having to find a nurse or medical assistance to go by and take care of her daily. :(
All of this has been happening within a months time. I'm only 25 and I knew it would happen sooner or later but it's just overwhelming with it all happening at once....

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Mar 29, 2012
by: Anonymous

So let me start off with saying that i had forgotten to post about My Step Dad whom had passed away when i was 13. He had raised me from when i was 5 so he was a big part of my life then. He started off with a cancerous brain tumor that was operated on, went on to chemo treatments which we then stopped after a few months and then a cell had grown into another tumor. After losing his motor skills and having multiple seizures, he finally passed one morning.
An update on my real Dad. After going home a few times and talking with my brother and the doctors, the tumor is actually a small section in his lung. He is within the 20 percent of patients that have Extensive Small Cell Lung Cancer, at his last scan we had seen there are 5 hot spots of cancer throughout his body. Majority in his lung and one being a small area in his brain.
I have read up on all the statistics, i did that immediately after i found out. Life expectancy without treatment is usually 2-4 months. With treatment would be about 4-12. Very small chance of survival past a year and if so then it would be a hard life for no more then 5 years. I know from experience with my Step Dad years ago that the life expectancies arent certain and we shouldnt rely on them. They gave my Step Dad only 6 months and he lived a year and a half. I have been staying strong and driving from my home in Texas to my hometown in Oklahoma every 2-3 weeks to check on Dad and help with Grandma.
With everything going on with my Dad, it has started to bring up memories of everything i went through and watched as my Step Dad was getting sick and passed. My Dad's swelling he had back in January is completely gone....they stopped the radiation in his chest and has begun radiation to the brain along with his chemo. He has lost 30lbs in the last month but i have noticed that he had a little more energy this last weekend then the previous trip. Although with the chemo treatments, he has started to lose strength. He has been using a cane the past couple months but now that isnt helping much. I was up there from last Thursday until Sunday for my Grandma's 89th bday and within those three days, my Dad fell 3 times.Him being as stubborn as he is , he got mad and started yelling at himself. My brother is trying to get in home assistance but its taking a while.
I have also noticed that I have actually been starting to shut myself off since January. I havent gone out with friends regularly like i used to and ive been kind of distant from my boyfriend. Ive been with him for five years almost and all i can think about is that if we decide to get married that i may not have my Dad there to walk my down the aisle, or my mom to help me plan. Right now i am just praying that he makes it until May. We share a birthday then and i promised him a double birthday with a giant cake. All i can do is hope i guess. I do want to say thx to all that is reading. Its nice to have a place to vent.

Feb 04, 2012
Turn you eyes Upward
by: Judith

Jensi, all I can say is how terrible I feel for your situation. Such a horrible thing for a 25 year old to have to experience and endure. Look to God for help and guidance.

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