Where are you now?

by Lynette

It is now 6 months to the day you passed away. I'm sitting here crying my eyes out. I can't even talk about you, I would feel my lip wobble and I would know I was going to cry. It's not that I don't want to talk about you and remember you. Talk about all the good times we had together and they were good times.
My love we were together nearly 14 years before you were taken from me so suddenly. Those 14 years were the happiest times of my life. I've never known 14 years pass so fast.
You seemed to know where you would go after death and you would try and explain it to me but I just couldn't grasp what you were trying to explain to me.
My love please tell me. Where are you now?

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Mar 03, 2013
miss my wife
by: Anonymous

I. Miss my wife who died of cancer 9 months ago and it dosnt get any easier I cry a lot and dont mix with people she was every thing to me we met when she was 17 and she died 54 im just lost and have no goals left in life I sit and just think about her all the time it feels like I can be im a room full of people and still feel alone .im just passing time until we can be together again then ill be happy again I just hope she knows it .as we never got to say good by

Feb 08, 2013
Love of my life
by: Doug

Beautiful post by Silver, I also lost the love of my life Linda to cancer three weeks ago, we had been married 35 years and it seems like such a short time. She was my everything, my lover, my best friend, my inspiration for living. I am compleatly lost, life does not seem real and not worth living not sure where to go from here on. The days are a blurr and the nights are long and sleepless for the most part, I pray to God for a sign that my Love is at peace and with Jesus, so far no answer.


Feb 08, 2013
Will it he pain get better?
by: Tina

My husbands funeral was on our 37th wedding anniversary 3 months ago. When he was diagnosed correctly (finally) he had 3 weeks to live. We loved each other so much and I am so lucky to have loved and been loved by him.

But now I am alone, so alone. I am so sad and so scared I sometimes want to die to be with him. I say to my self he has just gone ahead and is waiting for me.

But my awful life goes on. Will it ever get better? What is there ahead but loneliness and coping alone. People say it will never get better but please someone tell me it does if it honestly does.

Feb 08, 2013
where are you now?
by: silver

My husband and I had 33 yrs together.He died one week after our 33rd anniversary.I feel blessed we had that long.Of course,I wish it could have been much longer.I was hoping we would see at least 40 yrs.but it was not to be.I have a strong faith in GOD. That is what helps me get through. I still cry sometimes and probably always will. You don't ever forget a true love,and you never get over the fact that they are gone.I DO NOT,however,believe they are gone forever. I COMPLETELY believe I will see him again. I had a dream one night that I had died and gone to Heaven. I saw my husband and we ran to each other and hugged like we had never been separated. You will eventually be able to talk to him and about him.It will keep him alive as he is in your heart. If you feel lost maybe you should study the Bible and learn what he felt to see if it will help you.I send you love and prayers that GOD will send you peace and courage.

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