where are you?

by julia
(Surrey, BC, Canada )

Where are you my sweet angel? What can I do to see you and hear you again? Who is taking care of you now? Where are your jokes and laughter? Where should I go to find you? Why is such a mystery to just know? Why is all about our feelings and not about what we see or hear anymore? Why I have so much anger? Why I can't accept that God decided? Why I feel that i'm suppose to do something but I can't figure what? Who is going to tell me now 'I love you mommy"? God? Where are you God?

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Apr 07, 2012
to Eba
by: Anonymous

I'm so sorry for you, for me, and all the moms whose children died. I am tormented, too. I don't know where to find some peace. I prayed for the first three months. I hoped for some sign that he is o.k. That was the most important. I did not get the sign or I did not understand it. Since then, I entered an even worse place. I am now doubting what I have believed all my life: the goodness of God or his existence. In the least, he does not show his love for me. I am sure that it might be my fault. I am sick in every way: spiritually, emotionally, physically and psychologically. I sometimes think that I should have never been born. I loved my son more than even I realized. I have prayed sometimes that God keeps me alive long enough to help my children become independent for my own life is that of suffering from chronic inflammatory disease. I've lived with pain for about 10 years. I am now just a shadow with no energy, overwhelmed by a desire to see my lost son again, to hold him, to be surrounded by his embrace, to hear him laugh. Where do we turn for help, for peace, for relief?

Mar 27, 2012
miss u
by: julia

oh Elba, there is no one that can help in this situation. All we have is our own believes and faith that we can rely on. You are strong because you are. You still have a life that is not in your control and you know that now after your precious son is gone. Just knowing this alone makes you stronger then you ever been. Treasure his memories and keep him alive in your heart. You will miss him for the rest of your life and you have to believe that the love that he had for you and the love that you have for him will bring you guys together some day. In a mean time do the best you can to get the best back to you. Love, keep friends close to you and be true to your self and others.

Mar 26, 2012
by: molly

I am so sorry to hear of your lost of your beautivul son. I too have lost my 16 year old son 8 months agao and I ask the same questions everyday that you ask. Where are you son, who is taking care of you? why did you have to go. I am filled with so much pain and confustion. How could this happen to one so sweet loving and gentle. I guess in life there are no guarntees we all go at some point but we hope our children will live longer lives than us and have bright beautiful futres. It is so hard to be left behind with nothing to do anymore and no one to care for anymore. All I think about is my boy and pray for the day to be with him hopefully sooner than later because life is just too hard with out him. Please email me if you need to talk molly12@gmail.com

Mar 26, 2012
Miss u
by: Eba

Am soooooo sorry for ur loss,I lost my youngest son he was 26 years old ,we loved each other very much ,I used to sit with him most of the time ,he's gone coz of heron OD,I wish am with him now I miss him so much ,he was so kind and polite he loved everybody a forgiven person ,I dont have other children I would have joined him ,till no I don't accept his death ,now it's been a year and a month since he left us and am still very sad ,I want to touch him and hear his voice again ,pls help me in anyway u can ,all the readers do help me ,thx

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