Who's gonna be my momma now?

by Nhjia

I lost my 61 year old to a sudden anuyerusim Dec. 8th, 2011. She had just gotten married only 5 months ago and she was so happy. A year before, my entire family and I took a cruse to Turks and Caicos and the Bahamas. We all such a good time celebrating her 60th birthday and me graduating receiving a BS degree in Healthcare Management. Momma (IN THE MIDDLE WITH THE WHITE TSHIRT) was my best friend. We talked on the phone almost everyday. She was that glue that held up together and now that she's gone, I'm afraid my family is coming unglued. And as hard as I want to glue us all back, its hard. Now there's fights about her will, he get to live in her house, who gets this and who gets that. THough she had a will and left it all to my brother and I, we are now at odds with each other. That isn't how she raised us. She didn't teach us to be heathens and selfish. He wants her iPhone, laptop and new digital camera. A asked for the laptop to help me finish graduate school, but he wants to give it to his wife. They have 2 laptops in the house already all I have is a netbook with no CD ROM to play my french lessons. I just want my mom back. Take everything she own, I own,....just give her back, even for a few minutes. I have so may questions to ask her. Like why did she leave me, the baby, as the Ecetrix of her estate? Why did you leave your husband of 5 months anything? Momma, you'd be sho ashamed to see how me and Rick are acting. I just wanna walk away and leave it all but I can't, cuz I know how hard you worked to make that house a home. I just want to chance to continue your legacy., the honor to try to pick up where she left off. Wee need to stop judging eachother and uplifting each other and "Stick together by GOD's Glue" like we were all taught.

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Dec 30, 2011
bless you
by: laraib arif

bless you babe dont worry ive been through it all just keep on praying and remember your mum every where whether its when you are taking a vluable desicion or are feeling low never try to sort anything out in your life because youll be the one who will get hurt. just leave those problems to god hes watching isnt he?! dont be silly youve got a whole life infront of you. never look into your past again. just believe that your future and your destiny is as wonderfull as your past was when your mum was alive iam only 13 turning 14 in february 25th this coming year my mum died of breast cancer when i was 8. i couldnt cope. my dad lost the love of his life i lost the reason of living and my sister well she lost her heart you could say so. shes been looking after me and i love her so. this is really creepy because exactley today and right about this time my past away. she be happy that they have got away from the pain atleast. dont forget to love live and laugh. never curse you smile for whenever it comes leave it all to god. take care .

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