Why did I say "I hate you!"?

He was my step brother but I loved him and I dont want to go into detail but the last weekend I saw my brother I said I hate you. Those were the last words I said to my brother. I remember calling my grandpa and him saying your brother is fine. I asked him is this the truth or what you were told to say he said the second one. The next I went to my dads hoping to find my brother at home to find his stuff packed in boxes I ran to his room (we shared a room) and saw his crib still there with the markings on the walls he made which made me say I hate you but when I looked at them I saw a heart and a since I assumed it meant I love you sis but because of my ignorance my last words to him were I hate you.

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May 31, 2014
Why did I say " I hate you!"?
by: Doreen UK

With little information I can guess you must be young, and your step-brother is still alive, and just perhaps run away from home. I also guess that if you shared a room with your brother it is also because you are still young enough to share a room, being a girl. With this introduction out of the way, I would say that if your step brother wrote a heart on the wall which you may not have seen before you reacted, it is because you must have made an impression on him as a sister for him to feel this way. Which is a good thing. I also sense that something happened to trigger off this response in you to say to him "I hate you"? which is also a statement that a young sister might say to a brother. No one would utter such a statement without being provoked, or misunderstanding something. Only you could determine the outcome after weighing up all the circumstances around your statement, with limited information.
You would feel distraught if your step brother never came back and you couldn't put things right and say sorry and try to make amends. if your step brother has died you can't put it right and would have to find a way of FORGIVING YOURSELF. We all do and say things we can't put right and it can tear us down for some years or a lifetime. It is hard to let go of things we say that can wound another person. But it would also depend on MATURITY whether mutual forgiveness can bring restoration to any relationship. Relationship are built on respect and this is a way forward if relationships are to survive. I am just a little confused because your post started with the words "He was my step brother" and another statement said "He was fine" which is why my reply may be a little confusing to you. But I hope all is well and you do get the chance to put things right.

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