Why, Son, Why?

You died and I am left to ask, "Why?"
Why did you take your life ?
You meant so much to all of us. We were there to help you get through the tough times, was it the physical pain alone that caused you to kill yourself or had life been unbearable because of the ones that surrounded you? I will always think the pills you were given were the cause of the suicidal thoughts that flooded your mind. I can't seem to get past your death and how you ended your life...shot and in a shed!! Oh, my dear son, I weep for you all the time and hang onto the words you made me believe in a dream, "I didn't end my life of suffering so yours would begin, Mom." You are still thinking of me to comfort me.
Are you in heaven with Jesus? I believe that with all my heart. He died for every sin you ever committed and that one too. Maybe now I can stop asking, "why?".

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Apr 09, 2013
by: Eba

Dear mother so sorry for your loss of your son ,I lost my youngest child he was only 26.6month old due heroin ,,he fights too much his addiction ,till now I just can't stop thinking of him ,really he's in my mind all the time I lost him on the 2/23/2011 ,,,I wish u peace in mind and my god bless us all

Apr 07, 2013
by: Jean

I'm so sorry that your son is in prison. I know Jesus will gorgive him if he will only hold out his heart and confess his sins to him. That will have to be when he stops blaming etc. You are not to blame for anything he did of his own free will. I understand your pain too and what you tried to do years ago as I also attempted suicide. My son had physical pain after 2 failed surgeries and there is so much more that was at the root of his death. I so appreciate your kind comment and thank you from my heart for your words of comfort. It has been almost 2 yrs. since we lost a beautiful son and brother but I mourn as if it just happened and tho I have 4 other adult sons and a daughter no one has ever taken the place in my heart that he held.
If I ever see you here I pray I can be of the comfort you have given me by your caring words.

Apr 06, 2013
My tears
by: Ashley

I hope that pouring out your questions to your son helped relieve even a fraction of the unbearable pain that comes with losing a child.
I have not lost my son to death, but he is in prison, and more than that, he has created his OWN prison, far worse than any bars and a cell, with his refusal to get help for his drug addiction.
I fear that someday, I might have to return to this poem to tell you that I have lost a son.
I already can feel him slipping away, and the denial, blaming, and enabling that tear apart entire families from the disease of addiction is almost too great a pain to bear.
And then there is your pain. That is unbearable pain, I simply hope that you know that your son is at peace, and I HAVE BEEN WHERE I BELIEVE HE WAS...psychic/emotional pain is sometimes WORSE than physical pain.
Nobody can understand it, and one feels very alone.
Your son did not take his own life because he did not love you, he most likely was not thinking about anyone but his pain, as I attempted to take my own life long ago.
I thought of ending the pain, and rationalized it by saying that "they will be BETTER off in the long run without me as a burden". NOT TRUE, and I am praying for you, and your Son, whom you will see AGAIN in PARADISE..where he dwells with our Savior, Jesus Christ and His Father.
God Bless You and your Family, May your pain lessen each day as you become more aware that his pain has ended.

Apr 01, 2013
FOR :Kate & Doreen
by: From Jean

I so appreciate your replies to my sadness and value you both so much. I identify with you both and walk this journey of hurt and pain with you. May God help us to live on without the ones we love in life or death. They are forever in our hearts.

Mar 31, 2013
your son
by: kate

Pain of death is the hardest to bear and a child the greatest of all. I lost my son in Nov. Each day is hard,I am not the same,nor are you. We never will be,we must hold on to faith even when its barely there it is covered by the sorrow. We are all here together sharing our broken hearts. We walk together though apart. We shall continue on somehow someway,with divine help.

Mar 27, 2013
Why, Son, Why?
by: Doreen U.K.

I am sorry for your loss of your son to a sudden death that has left you bewildered and in deep mourning for this deep loss. This is your Child/Adult Child. Why wouldn't you question Why? did he kill himself? You gave birth to him. You nurtured him and now you have lost him. Your soul will be in deep Pain.
My Sister's 30yrs. old son had depression and he was put on medication that caused suicidal tendencies. he couldn't hang onto life and 6 yrs. ago he threw himself in front of an express train. He was a Christian and believed in God. My sister was mad with grief and asked Why? God didn't you save him? Why? How could you not know how worried I was over him? Her heart broke into a thousand pieces and she could not function. She had to have a grief counsellor come to her home and support her through this pain. She will never get over this death. She has the scars but the pain is less and she can cope with life better. She is now caring for our Father who is slowly dying. She will have to endure another death. This is the hardest part of life to face. Death will come to all of us. But It is the pain that we are left with that leaves us broken forever. Your son is safe now. You will need to Pray often for strength to get through each day. May God Comfort you and give you Peace and strength for this valley you are in.

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