why wasnt it me

by tiara
(new mexico)

Well there were born before I was I guess my mom was in a abusive marriage. So she was pregnant. He would beat her up and that is how my brother and sister were taken away from me .I never knew this but when I found out why I had no sister or brothers I was heart broken there is not a day I never think about them or wish they were hear with me so I can tell them what happened at school or anything and I am only 12years so I can't really handle when I will break out crying or never get to hug them and tell them how much I miss them and hold then I just fell so hurt no one could ever fell the pain I have inside me cuz it is the worst feeling ever I would do anything just to have them here with my I have never in my life had that felling to were I could love something so much and know it was just like me I wish I could just of had on day in life to tell them that I love them nd get hugs I mean I don't know how to deal with this why wasnt it me who was not put on this earth

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Jun 15, 2014
Just read
by: Anonymous

omg I think I literately shed a tear :( I'm not going to say sorry or the pain will go away or some crap like that. ive actually been through this when I was about your age and it sucks. My dad used to do inappropriate things with my older sister and if he wouldn't have got caught,I knew that some day that would be me. So when my sister and dad where in the room, alone I heard screaming like I usually do I was too little to understand till I did some research, lol who knows about rape at the age 9. So I dialed 911, the cops came, took us and a while later took us to a foster home, we where separated. We where freaking separated, who knows where she got sent to. I don't have her number or anything, all I want to do is be with her I wish I can hug her. And now I'm sitting on a white, 3 piece couch like a spoil brat and watching TV who knows where my sister ended up to, its like shes dead or something. I cry every night in my pillow my foster parents, well, I love them and glad that I have them but they just don't understand anything at all. My foster mom comforts me ALL the time and always go shopping with her friends and stuff. My dad he's the greatest we go for frozen yogurt and go ice skating. I can't imagine how you feel, you have no one to comfort you ;( everything happens for a reason i know that sound kinda crazy but yea i mean sure you think your living in absolute hell but everything happens for a reason and those reason make you a stronger person, all of your friends or girls your age don't really go through what your going through. Your stronger than them. SOOO yea........ i wish the best for you <3

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