by LML
(New York)

My grandmother was one of a kind to all her knew her. Sadly on September 8, 2012 she was involved in a hit and run, the person just hit her and left her in the street, how could someone be so heartless??!! Thank God there were two bystanders who saw and called 911, they revived her and brought her back to us. For the last 4 Weeks and 5 days she slowly made her way back to us, on our last day together, which was 5 hours before she died, we laughed. My grandmother was a 77 year old strong, outgoing, still working, still partying and drinking Puerto Rican woman. She lived her life by her own rules, she loved life and feared death. She loved her family and would give her life for us. She gave and gave and gave and yesterday God called her name. She had been in rehab for 2 days and died of a pulmonary embolism on October 14, 2012. My grandma was never sick, my grandma didn't eat red meat, my grandma did everything possible to stay healthy and a senseless act complicated her health and ended taking her life.

My grandmother was my heart I see so much of her in me. I hate that we were rushing to leave that day, why didn't we stay longer?? Oh Lord if only we would have known that was the last time we would hear her voice we would have never left.

Grandma I wish we would have listened to you, I wish we would have demanded they send you to the hospital, but no we trusted that we knew best and that it was just "anxiety" and instead we tried to reassure you everything was fine, you told us you didn't want to die and we reassured you that you wouldn't, we failed you.

Why?? why didn't I spend more time with you believing there would always be tomorrow? Now there is no tomorrow and that's something I will have to live with for the rest of my life. I hope my dearest grandmother you know how much I adored you. I promise to live my life as you would have wanted, I vow to follow your footsteps and be the best person I can be. I will carry you with me every day and although you are no longer here in the human sense I know you will never leave my side. My heart is broken but as you thought me my faith is strong and I know I will see you on the other side one day. I will always love you and in me you will live forever.
Tu Pelua.

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Oct 16, 2012
by: LML

Thank you Doreen UK, I wish you and yours the same.

Oct 16, 2012
by: Doreen U.K.

LML I am sorry for your loss of your grandmother to a cruel death by a heartless driver. We will never know what we are saved from when we ask God's Blessing's over our life every day. When we are not covered by prayer we are exposed to the cruelty of the world.
I was crossing the road and all the cars had stopped the lights were on my side and I crossed. I had my head down and didn't notice a car speed past me and swerve to the side. The car touched me but I was SAVED. I don't know why? I don't know why some die in a cruel way and why some are SAVED. I don't know WHY? my husband was not SAVED from CANCER. WHY? he didn't get his MIRACLE. My sister asks the same questions. WHY? didn't God save her 30yr.old son from throwing himself in front of an express train when he was in a depressed state of mind. I don't dare Question a HOLY GOD. But the questions will always be there. WHY?????.
77yrs. is a good age to live. But a horrible way to die. I hope that the Universe will offer you the COMFORT & PEACE YOU and all of us CRAVE at this most difficult time for all of us NOW.

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