by michelle

I sit here wondering why God had to take you

I know that one day you would have had to go
But why now?

Didn’t He know that we needed an angel on Earth?
My mother was so pure, I’m sure he wanted her all for himself

What other reason is there to take someone so beautiful off of this Earth?

Why did he have to take her while I was so young?
8 years wasn’t enough for me
I just hope that she will be treated right

It isn’t fair to choose who will die, I understand that

But why not just let us all live happily together and take us all at the same time?
Why did you take her without me saying goodbye?

She told me right from wrong at an early age
So now I thank you that I had her at all
Even though every day I need her even more

I miss her every day,
Not a day goes by that I don’t feel the pain
That god left me to face on my own

I like to think that she will be waiting,
So that when it’s time for me to go
We will finally get to spend all the time together that we deserve.

R.I.P Marie

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Sep 09, 2010
by: Anonymous

I don't understand why God takes some of our loved ones early, and others live a longer time. I was always taught not to question the ways of God. His ways are far above ours. However, I realize that this doesn't ease the pain of loss.

I have suffered through 4 deaths in my family. My
brother was 38 and passed suddenly. my other brother was 60 and passed three weeks after becoming ill. My dad was 68 and my mom was 87.
I've always heard that God takes all ages to fill his garden of beautiful flowers. I also believe
everyone has a certain time to leave this earth.

Everything is temporary. So we don't have the promise of a certain number of days or years.
It's in God's hands. Not ours. Bless your heart.
May you find comfort and peace.

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