This may seem like a cold question but it's not meant to be that way. There are a lot of people on here who have lost their child to suicide, myself included, why do so many choose to hang them self. My son hung himself. It just seems so harsh.

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Jan 25, 2011
Wow, what a question
by: Anonymous

Before anyone takes a swing at me with a volley of words, my son hung himself. It has been five years and it's still hard for me to say how he died (to most, it is none of their business) or write it. It still bothers me to look at belts or touch them.

I've had to face the difficulties of Thursdays, the day he died; 10:30-1:30PM, the time frame when I paced the floor and prayed, not knowing if he was safe and fearing the worst. We all have those triggers. Time will never erase what happened nor do I want it to. My son is forever in my heart and will be there until I see him again, all made new.

But I can say to those of you who have started this awful journey after me, I am not always a puddle of tears now. Time has eased that aspect. More importantly, God has eased the pain. Yes, I miss him so very much and I will always grieve in my heart because I love him so much. We mothers are wired that way (not to skip fathers).

God made us rich with longing to give and receive love and we put our children first, do we not? We'd lay down our lives for them, would we not? So don't they know this? Why not come to us? Hindsight is 20/20. I now see where my son suffered probably most of his life with depression.

He was shy and didn't talk easily. He was sensitive and easily hurt by the opposite sex. He was not the type to spill those things to his mom. He held them in. He was the silent type, just like his dad, who also holds things in.

We would change what happened if we could, but we can't. I wrote a book, "Shattered By Suicide" which will be out in a few months. Writing was my saving grace. God urged to me to write down my feelings and I resisted. I don't write, but I can type, so I began, cautiously. The more I wrote, the more was there...until the book was done.

Now, nothing more comes to write. You see, God put the idea in my head and gave me the words. It is He who is speaking through me to reach others, hence the book. What was going to be just my journal became a manuscript to help others who, like me, wanted desperately to talk with someone about such a horrible loss. Suicide is shamed. I've felt it. Haven't you? Now I have a tiny ministry to reach others and chat with them and my email address for anyone reading this who would like to contact me is: impossiblejoy@yahoo.com. Don't be afraid. Just reach out and share what is on your heart. Sometimes it helps to share the load with a friend who understands.
Gracie Thompson

Jan 25, 2011
Julie, please respond
by: Anonymous

Hi Julie,

I would love to chat with you. I am a mom who has lost a son to suicide. Please write if you like:
"impossiblejoy@yahoo.com. Gracie

Jan 25, 2011
Coming to Terms
by: Anonymous

I have not yet come to terms with my sons death it's been 4 months & still I cry everyday. I feel like somebody cut off my right arm, I have a very hard time dealing with everyday life & things that are happening in our family since his death. I go to bed every night praying to God tomorrow will be a better day; so far that hasn't happened but that's all I have left is faith that God will hear me.

I have been told that you never get over the loss of a child no matter how old they are (adults or youngsters) but in time the pain is not so severe, I can only have faith that this is true. My Prayers are with you, we can only take one day at a time & pray tomorrow will be the day it's a little better.

Jan 25, 2011
So Much Pain
by: Anonymous

If we knew the answers to the whys we would all have such insight into this journey of grief and it would be so much easier. Some people take an overdose, some turn their car on inside a locked garage, some choose bullets. This probably sounds ridiculous but I think the hanging route takes a lot more courage. There has to also be a message there~but will we ever know what this is and why?

Whoever and wherever you are please don't feel guilty about this death. There are so many reasons a person takes their own life. Some say it's selfish to leave their family behind in such pain. I personally feel that the person taking their own life is suffering such pain on this earth that they just can't take in another moment. I also feel that God forgives them. Try to find some comfort in that ~ God's blessings.

Jan 25, 2011
please help.
by: julie clwyd north wales.

it isn't meant to be this way at all, i am sorry for your loss, how did you come to terms with it because i am not at the moment......i am a gud mum and just can't understand what problems he had that he couldn't come to me.....

please get in touch with me thank you julie from wrexham north wales gt britain xxx

Jan 24, 2011
emotional pain
by: Anonymous

I can't answer your question especially since my son had a terminal illness and fought for two years to live.....
I think that your child just felt he/she had no other options.....couldn't see a way out.....
There's no other answer...

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