William "Billy" LeCieleci, 5/25/56 ~ 6/21/10 ~ The Love of my Life....

by Patricia
(Hampton, AR)

Billy... How to explain the man? Someone who would give everything he had and leave nothing for himself if that's what had to be done. Friends, family and co-workers, it didn't make a difference to him. His compassion had no limits or boundaries.

Life threw hard-balls at him, but, he made sure when he divorced his kids would have a life without issues. He gave up his rights in more ways than one even though the courts didn't require it ~ he said I'll be the bad guy, there with there mother and they shouldn't have issues with school or friends.

I came into his life later and we agreed he as a father you have rights. So he took it to heart and began the quest to include his kids and me into his life. Billy has always been the one to always do the right thing. It didn't matter what his price was, it was his point to take care of others. So we worked and we had life and kids.

He loved his kids so much, his precious daughter and warrior son as he would always tell me. He would travel 70 miles one way and take time from work if his son had a baseball game. He took a trip to San Francisco with his daughter because she wanted to be a photographer so it was off to a school and check it out. He was a devoted father and would give his last to make sure his kids were never deprived of anything ~ it didn't matter the cost to him. His only thought was what can I do for them to have a better life.

He had no responsibility for my son but yet always worked to make him feel his worth. If school was an issue with my son Billy was right there with his teachers and asking why they were not doing more. My son did not want for anything even thought Billy was not his father. But he always reminded my son, Jerry, your father is your father, you respect him ~ he would always tell his son the same regarding his stepfather.

He took responsibility for his divorce. He felt his children Rebecka and Jerad were at a disadvantage in life. And as they journeyed through life he could see them thinking they had to make this journey all alone. He fell into the trap like most divorced dads go through. He threw money at the problem ~ He became an ATM, not someone they wanted to talk to about life or laugh with ~ He felt he could not help them. He would say how can I help them when I could not help myself. ""My children my responsibility""...He felt he failed to provide them with the tools they needed to deal with life's up and downs. But he was wrong, his daughter Becky has become a survivor and is on a path with the Lord, 900 days plus clean and sober. His son Jerad is fighting to find his way but his faith in his son kept him going.

He always prayed he would find the Lords path so the pain could be lifted from his soul. He had so hoped to be on the inside of their lives....instead on the outside looking in.... His love and devotion to his kids will always leave a lasting impression, his heart so loving.

Though we were only together 10 years he always made sure I needed for nothing. Again, giving... It was the fabric of his life. Truly those of a dying era of gentlemen. He left a lasting impression on those he touched that will never be forgotten...

Clark Gable, Errol Flynn and Grouch Marks he was and more. He will be missed dearly... but never forgotten...
Love P

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Oct 19, 2010
Another Lonely night
by: Patricia

Today is October 18th. Tomorrow is the 10th anniversary my father passed. Funny, ifs its my father or Billy I just can say the "D" word.
I'm just not ready. I've left a life of us in Arkansas together, planning our house and memories of us to now living inside myself and acting the part for the outside world. I've sold his truck and now my car is gone. I know it wasn't reliable, it needed to be done. I don't want to give anything up that was ours, but I must be practicable.
There was thunder and lighting the night before I got my new car, and I remember it doesn't feel as bad as I thought. But then at any moment it can always be worst.
My Brother was with me and helped me get my car, he made sure everything and anything I wanted or needed was taken care of ~ he took care of me.
Every time I hear thunder and see lighting it reminds me of us ~ taking me far away into the nights of Arkansas when we first got there and we thought the rain would never stop. We ooohh and AAAhhhh watching mother nature dance across the sky. So even if it sounds silly its my confirmation from him (for lack of a better word) to know in myself that it was time to move on with our old car. I remind myself that even though the car is gone I still have our memories, our happy and sometimes silly memories of our old car. Its the little things that derail us, any minute, any moment of the day. So now its not us anymore, its just me so again, I cry more tears, wish upon a star and hope to see him in my dreams.
I double talk saying us, him and we and at times never knowing where I am not believing he's gone. I have people who care and they all mean well. But, when I go to bed at night I'm alone. My heart aches with loneliness for a love that I can never have in this life again. Wishing time to reverse and take me back to warm arms round me, cookies in bed with crumbs, who got the remote first and tender moments.
I remember when "We" had the corner market on happiness.
In between Dad Oct 19th and Billy Oct 21st is October 20th ~ my birthday. Just a reminder I'm just older and more aware of my being without him. What ever happened to Happily Ever After? because I want my prince charming back....
October 21th will be 4 months. How do I live, how do I survive? I just want to yell, I DON'T WANT TO DO THIS ANYMORE ~ STOP ~ GO AWAY ~ I WANT HIM BACK NOW ~ but it doesn't work. Nothing works, nothing takes the pain away. So I'll cry myself to sleep again tonight wondering how I'll live another day without him.
Wondering what does tomorrow bring ~ The morning sun to brighten the new day and drive the tears of the night away.
Another step forward ~
1 step, 1 breath at a time ~

Oct 13, 2010
by: Patricia

The days are more bearable but the nights are dark with Loneliness, tears and heartache ~
I miss him so desperately it feels like my soul is being pulled from my body, my life. How do you go on ~ I have no life, I just walk thru time, going thru the motions waiting for time to pass, when I'll be with him.
October 19th will be 10 years my father is gone. October 20th is my Birthday.
October 21st will be 4 months Billy's been gone.
I can't bear him not being here with me. It feels like a knife has been stuck in my heart and it will just stop beating.
I just can't say good-bye.
I want him back ~ and I swear if one more person tells tells me "He will always be with you" one my time I'll scream until I turn red, blue or purple ~
I just want him back ~ so tonight again I will cry myself to sleep and hope to see him in my dreams. Good night my love ~

Oct 03, 2010
My Angel
by: Donna Texas

It is so wonderful to see that someone else in this world found their angel as I did. Your "Billy" and my "Bryan" have so much in common. They were both gentlemen and loved their families above everything else. No one in this world had a bad thing to say about him. This world is a much sadder place to have lost true angels. My prayers are with you always.

Sep 25, 2010
Night time
by: Patricia

When the lights go out the tears come ~

Sep 25, 2010
My Prince / My Ever After
by: Patricia

My William, My Knight, My Prince Charming ~
I will wait for you to come,
For Ever After ~

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